This decal blog today is very targeted to a niche audience of people who are in the logistics or delivery business who need to remove decals from their vehicles or trucks

This week we had an enquiry from a chap who worked for a decal removal business that removes decals on behalf of large companies such as staples

Now large companies such as staples often outsource the remove of truck decals to 3rd parties as they don’t have the expertise to remove the decals themselves.

Unfortunately there is a myth that take a sticker off your car and make it look clean and new again is hard….. it’s plain WRONG.

It’s so EASY to remove decals, if you have the RIGHT Whizzy Wheel TOOL

To give you an example, we recently helped a company that to remove decals from over 200 pick up trucks as they had changed their business name and logo

That meant removing the prior company logo from the side door’s

Initially this company (a Utility company – and worked with John) got quotes from 3rd parties to remove the stickers and clean the surface and the prices were crazy. From memory about $150 a pick up truck. If you have 200+ vehicles at $100 each, that’s around $20,000…. A lot of money

What happened, if the Utility company contacted us and we sent them a free whizzy wheel sample for them to trial to see how long it would last and time to take off the decals.

The good news is they loved it as worked just like the video tutorial below of taking off a car’s decal

The end result is they ordered 50 Wheels for the entire job and removed the stickers by using their maintenance staff…. A great result that saved them thousands ($1000’s)….. and hopefully got John a promotion.

In case you don’t know by know, if you have a large number of decals to remove from cars, then there is no need outsource this work.

So to easily remove decals from a large number of pick-up trucks, I suggest the following

1. Drop me a line so I can understand your situation and offer some advice (Or call 00 11 61 421 001 613)
2. Try a Whizzy Wheel to see how it works and make sure you are 100% satisfied (we offer a full – 100% guarantee)
3. Roll up the sleeves and get busy taking off those car stickers

Now, once the job is done and you have taken off the stickers from your car fleet, you would have saved a lot of money

I suggest with the money saved, you get the boss to either
1. Take you all out for dinner
2. Take the rest of the week off
3. Get paid a part bonus, based on the money you saved
4. Or think of another great way to celebrate your decal removal success

So if you are now pumped up and ready to do a great day’s decal removal work, then I’m excited.

If you still have a few questions, then please call or email me.

We love helping people take off stickers from vehicles, trucks, shop windows and all types of scenario’s… just drop us a line

Chief Decal Removal Officer

P.S – once you have taken off all your decals, if there is any residue or glue left on the surface, then try some citrus degreaser. It’s amazing at clean the surface and getting rid of any left over goo