Often I hear people say that removing car decals and stickers is easy. Even one company who removes car stickers professional, informed me they use their finger-nails… ohhh no

Anyone serious about removing old baked on stickers from their car, that has been in the sun for years knows that using your finger nail just doesn’t work.

If your car sticker is brand new or less than 6 months old and you live in a mild climate (not Florida or Texas), then just maybe your fingernails can remove a car

However  for old stickers that are really baked on, there is only one solution…

The whizzy wheel

(now before we tell you about how easily the whizzy wheel takes off old and baked on car stickers that have been in the sun for years, you can try use another product that most households have)

hair dryer sticker removal

Yes – the trusty hair dryer or heat gun will take off a lot of car stickers that have not been baked on due to the hot sun…. the way work is by

  1. Heating up the decal or car sticker
  2. Loosening the adhesive that keeps the sticker stuck to the surface
  3. Slowly pulling off the sticker

That said, old car stickers that have been in the sun are usally cracked and split, so using a hair dryer doesn’t work very well as every time you go to peel of the sticker, it breaks

So now if you want the serious sticker removal tool that works on virtually all jobs (except plastic), then try the Whizzy Wheel.  It simply works by

  1. Attach it to a standard drill
  2. Turn on the drill to 2500 – 4000 rpm’s
  3. Slowly move the whizzy wheel across the old car sticker and watch it wear away

Because the whizzy wheel (the best sticker removal tool) is made from soft rubber it can be used on car’s, assuming it’s a factory finish paint job – with re-spray’s you never know the quality so best to test it first in a small area.

whizzy wheel ultimate sticker decal removal tool

(we always recommend to test the whizzy wheel in  small discrete area first so you can be happy with the results)

So the good news is that if you live in a really hot climate and have a car with really old baked on stickers, then they can definitely be removed.

Try the whizzy wheel and you’ll be amazed by the results (our 3,000+ customers worldwide are testimony to the success you will have removing the stickers)

The sticker removal video’s show’s how quickly the car stickers and window stickers can be removed

If you have any questions, we always love to help people easily remove their stickers, so contact me at peter@pacificwebb.com.au and we will give you our best advice (for free) on how to remove stickers for your scenario


(Chief Decal Removal Officer)

P.S for a tip today, if you want to remove off the old adhesive that could be left on the surface, then try Citrus degreaser. It’s a great product from Home Depot and works wonders in removing any left over residue and cleaning the surface

Note: if you want to put a new sticker back on your car, make sure you wash the surface clean as any left over citrus degreaser on the surface will make it hard re-apply the car sticker