This week I had a call from a lady who needed to remove car stickers that had crystals (made by 3M) on them… well not real crystals.

It was a phone conversation so I could not see the actual car sticker, though it’s similar to the below picture


Until the sticker removal phone call, I had not heard of car stickers that had crystals attached to them. Apparently they are very popular now, though you want to get them place on your car correctly as need a different approach to remove.

Now to 99% of our customers, I recommend the Whizzy Wheel to remove stickers and decals from the majority of surfaces as just works so well.

You can see from the car sticker removal video how well it works

Now back to our scenario of removing stickers that had crystals on them from a car.

The Whizzy Wheel is not appropriate as it works by wearing away a car sticker through friction and it peels off (the best way is via watching the video)

The reason we did not recommend it is the crystals could mark the surface when being peel off as theWhizzy Wheel rotates at 2500-4000 rpm (and yes we are being conservative as we did not get to see the application in real life, rather had a phone call to understand the situation)

NOTE: if the scenario was a normal car sticker to remove, then we would 100% recommend the Whizzy Wheel as find it by far the BEST way to remove car sticekrs

The way we helped, is that recommended a very slow and steady approach to remove the crystal car sticker

Step 1:

  • Purchase a plastic razor blade that has a sharp/ angled edge, but will not damage the paint

Step 2:

  • Go to your local hardware store and get some Citrus Degreaser to take off the adhesive or glue that maybe left on the surface

Now you have your tool, we recommend this approach

  1. Spray the sticker edges thoroughly with Citrus Degreaser
    1. If possible, perforate the surface so the Citrus Degreaser can really get under the sticker
  2. Take the plastic blade and slowly guide the edge under the sticker lip
  3. Spray more Citrus Degreaser under the lip where the sticker has started to come off

Repeat steps 1 – 3 until the job is finished

What we don’t recommend

As this job is on a painted surface a metal razor blade is definitely no usable due to the potential to damage the painted surface

Alternative Approaches

As the crystal car sticker was made with lettering from 3M(well that’s what the customer told us), using a hair dryer to remove car stickers may not be suitable due to the strength of the sticker.

Usually the hair dryer approach to removing car stickers works for very small stickers, that do not have a strong adhesive

How we can help

Our business is removing decals and stickers from all types of surfaces and we always love the opportunity to helpPlease drop me a line on + 61 421 001 613 or with any sticker removal questions


P.S – if you want to see want citrus degreaser looks like, check out the link