You maybe in the situation where you need to remove a bumper sticker from your car due to:

– Bought a 2nd hand car that has a lot of bumper stickers on it
– Bought a “Obama” or “Bush” political bumper sticker and now changed your outlook on life
– Put on a funny bumper sticker such as “If it’s rocking, don’t bother knocking” which was funny when you were single, though not appropriate now

Bumper Stickers

lot of bumper stickers
To remove the bumper sticker, there are a few options and need to need check the surface type of your bumper to know what solutions work best.

The type of bumpers on most car’s are

1. Factory finished painter bumper
2. Plastic/ exposed bumper
3. Metal or aluminium bumper

clean black bumper
Metal Bumper no stickers

Factory finished painter bumper

Cars built in the last 5+ years, generally have bumpers that have the factory finish paint, rather than the older style, “black bumpers” that were made from a plastic compound
The good news is that factory finish bumpers can use the following techniques to remove stickers

1. Hair dryer
Great option if you are low on funds and the sticker is relatively new. Older bumper stickers that have been baked on in the sun won’t remove easily when using a hair dryer. This option definitely works well on new bumper stickers, but not old ones

2. Plastic razor blade
This sometimes works, though the issue here is if the adhesive is bonded on strongly, the bumper sticker does not peel off easily.
Plastic razor blades work better on stickers that have been stuck on the inside of a car window, such as registration stickers

3. Whizzy Wheel
Okay – we do sell this and it’s the best way we find to take off bumper stickers. It works in minutes and often takes off a lot of the adhesive/ glue aswell.

The only downside is it costs money though definitely does the best job and the fastest tool

Plastic/ exposed bumper

The black bumper is most common amongst cars from the 1980’s to early 2000’s. They are designed to be able to take a few knocks and scratches and the marks are not as obvious as if on paint work.

Due to these bumpers often being made of plastic, we don’t recommend using a hair dryer or whizzy wheel.
The heat from the hair dryer can warp the plastic and the whizzy wheel, even though made of soft rubber, may affect the plastic
In this situation the safest solution is plastic razor blade as though slower, it won’t affect the surface.

Metal or aluminium bumper

These are the easiest bumper stickers to remove as you have more options to work with.
We suggest using the whizzy wheel as the first option or hair dryer (if have some patience) as the back-up approach
The good news, as the bumper is made of metal or aluminium, there is little chance of damaging the surface as it’s a sturdy surface.

Take Action in removing the bumper sticker

In summary, removing bumper stickers can be fairly easy as you have 3 tools to chose from. The Whizzy Wheel, Hair Dryer or Plastic razor blade.

If there is any glue left over on your bumper bar once the sticker has been removed, we recommend using some citrus degreaser.
It fairly cheap at around $10 / bottle and is fantastic at taking off any adhesive

** A little history about us **

Here Decal Sticker Remover HQ, we love helping people take off stickers from their bumpers.
We have over 20+ years experience in removing stickers so would love to help you in our quest to remove unsightly decals from every bumper bar across the North / South America, Europe and Asia

If you have any sticker removal questions or need help removing stickers, please contact me via and we would love to help. (we even love giving free tips on how to best tackle your job)

Note: we have ruled out using a metal scraper or razor blade due to the dangers of cutting yourself when removing a bumper sticker