Recently we had a phone call from Jeremie whose business (electicial) was located in the mining area just outside of Mackay

Now this part of the world is wealthy in minerals though is very tough climate – with the temperature being 100+ fahrenheit or (over 40 degress)

What this means is that the stickers on car vehicles become bonded very tightly to the surface. This results in:

– Stickers being very hard to remove

– Car stickers becoming cracked and hard to remove using standard approach of
o fingernails
o heat gun
o prey (to the whichever God you believe/ not believe in)

What we found is the best and only way to remove a car sticker that has been really baked on is via the whizzy wheel.

The whizzy works by being different to any other car sticker removal solution on the market. The process is very simple

1. Connect a whizzy wheel to a standard drill using the arbor
2. Turn on the drill to approx. 2,500-4000 rpm’s
3. Slowly move the whizzy wheel back and forth across the decal
4. Crack a beer or favourite celebration food to toast your good work

Now the reason the whizzy wheel removes stickers so easily as it uses friction to wear away the sticker

It’s made of soft rubber so will not damage the painted surface and works wonders on car and truck windows.
We sometimes find there is adhesive or glue left on the car surface where the sticker once was.

To help remove this, we suggest use citrus degreaser (much cheaper and more effective than goo off) to clean the surface.

Remember, if you are re-applying a sticker, make sure the surface is wash thoroughly and any citrus degreaser is cleaned off. Otherwise, it will be hard to get the new stickers to stick onto the car surface

If you have any questions, (this blog started due to a customer calling us and working out a solution to his mining sticker removal situation), then please drop me a line at or call +61 421 001 613 to see how we can help.

We have helped over 3,000+ customers remove stickers and decals from all situations and even if the Whizzy Wheel is not the best solution for your situation, we shall work out a way to help

(and yes, the below image is of a mining truck that has decals, though it’s a lego model…. Checking who is paying attention).