Best way to take off Stickers from a Van?

One aspect I love of being Chief Decal Removal Officer is every week I get calls about how we can help people take stickers off from their cars.

The main reason for this type of enquiry is often people have bought a 2nd hand van, that previously had another companies advertising stickers on the side, and they need to remove them

(and if you want to know how to get rid of that ghosting effect, you can skip to the end of the blog)

This week, we had a chap from Broadmeadow who needed to take stickers off their van. It was the usual scenario when the standard sticker removal techniques were used, but with no success

To save you the time, you can rule out any of the below approaches, if your decal has been baked onto your car for more than 2+ years.

So what does NOT work

1. Fingernails. Okay, this may work for those flimsy stickers your kid puts on the side of his bed, though any heavy duty van sticker, this just won’t work
2. Metal razor blades; this will work on glass and windows to take off stickers, but we do not recommend on painted surfaces as it’s easy to damage the paint work
3. Chemicals or spray’s: these are great at cleaning the surface once the sticker has been removed, though does not work well in actually removing the stickers
4. Hair dryer: this has mixed results and on new stickers it works quite well, though on old baked on stickers that are cracked and worn out, it doesn’t work (check out below video of the hair dryer working. This is a really new sticker)

So the proven way to take off van stickers is the Whizzy Wheel. The reason it works is

a. It uses friction to take off the van sticker, so regardless of how old the sticker is, even baked on, you can easily take it off
b. It’s made of soft rubber, so won’t affect the paint work on your car (assuming it’s factory finish paint work).
c. Speed: the Whizzy Wheel turns at around 2,500 – 4,000 rpm’s which means the sticker literally flies off the surface (check out the video below to see it in action)
d. Width: the Whizzy Wheel is about 2 inches (5 centimetres wide) so makes taking off stickers a very fast task

Impromptu plug

Now pardon interrupting the flow of this blog, though I just remembered an email I got the other week which I have copied and pasted below – these are the types of emails that make me smile all day

“My name is Jonathan Langston and I’m located in Atlanta, GA USA. I came across your video on YouTube and decided to give the Whizzy Wheel a try to use at my current company. Honestly, I didn’t really get my hopes up too much and really thought this would be another false advertised waste of money. Well, I can honestly say that I was very, very wrong. This is one of the few products I’ve seen that actually does what it claims to do.”
Now that my big ego has calmed down after getting a great email like that, I want to let you know that if you need to remove any type of car sticker or decal, then the Whizzy Wheel is the must have

We 100% stand by this guarantee and if you have any concerns that the Whizzy Wheel does not work like in the video’s, drop me a line at and I’ll instantly refund you.

Being candid, we have sold 3,000+ whizzy wheels in the last couple of years and 99.9% of people who we hear from just love.

We would love to help you take off your car or van sticker so please drop me a line (+61 421 001 613) or try the whizzy wheel today and enjoy the benefits of a sticker free van

Peter “Chief Decal Removal” Officer

P.S – if you want to get rid of the ghosting effect (i.e. the effect that it looks like there is still the sticker on your van, then its easy.