If you live in a hot climate, then there is bad news for removing car stickers

They become really bonded onto the surface in the summer heat.
What that means is that stickers become really hard to remove. The chemical structure of the adhesive changes overtime where the adhesive and sticker become bonded together.

This results in a situation where virtually all sticker removal tools will not work

The strategies to take off a car decal you could try (though won’t work on baked on decals are)

– Finger nails: forget it…. That method will just result in bloodied stubbed fingers

– Metal razor blade: wowow. Be careful here not to cut your fingers and the possibility to damage and scratch the paint work is just too buig

– Hair dryer: well this works if the decal is only a month or so old, though for baked on decals, it just doesn’t cut it

So I don’t want to bark up the old same saying, though they same repetition is the key to mastery.

The answer to removing car stickers is the Whizzy Wheel. It works because

1. Based on friction so regardless how old a sticker it, the whizzy wheel will remove it
2. Made of soft rubber – doesn’t affect paint work (for factory finished painted cars)
3. Wider: so works faster and lasts longer
4. Speed: spins at 2500 – 4000 rpm so gets job down.

If you want to see it in action, check out this page of ½ dozen situations of cars, windows, trucks having stickers removed


P.S – below is a Whizy Wheel 2014 Christmas photo collage. We do this every year. Celebrate a year of stickers being removed and happy customers worldwide