A short note to share with you a few Festive Happy Snaps from the Whizzy  team and the  Christmas Party.

This was the fifth Xmas party for Whizzy Wheel since setting up in 2007 (and yes we were party poopers initially and skipped on celebrating the festive season)

The runaway success has been the reach into Car Fleets this year with some great successes and feel good stories (yes I feel good when we have decal free cars)

Below are a few Xmas snaps for our party themed “Tropical living” at a local Mexican restaurant. It was held a bit earlier this year (November), with baby sitters booked in early…

whizzy wheel Xmas Party2013

Enjoy the Festive season and hope you get some time off and enjoy some good weather and relaxing days



Peter and the Team




P.S – next year we will be expanding the Xmas party and welcome suggestions to the theme

P.P.S – some pic below of prior xmas parties