The great thing about being able to run an online business that helps people across the Globe remove decals and stickers is the variety of customer enquiries we get.

Back in 2013 I lived in New York for most of the year and struck up some great friendships and helped out people who needed help taking off Decals.

Due to the weather, we find the northern hemisphere has the busiest months in Spring and end of Winter and people prepare their cars, SUV’s, and especially Campervans /RV’s for the tourist months. Whereas the southern hemisphere is on the opposite cycle.

Just this month I had a great chat with a customer who needs help taking off decals from stationary bicycles.

Now this may seem trivial, though stationary bicycles with decals are applied in a very different manner.

Most new bicycles that come with decals and stickers on them, already have a protective coat on them. This protective coat is used to protect the bike from the weather elements, especially moisture that causes rust. The downside is that you can not take off any bike decals unless you cut into the protective coat.

Stationary bikes are different as they are used indoors (it would be pretty hard to ride a stationary bike down the street) they do not have the protective coat. This means a tool like the whizzy wheel (see below) can be used to take them off.

This was a real pleasing for my new colleague based on the East Coast and makes the job so easy.

stationary bike with decal

(Note: this is not the Bike with the Decal discussed in this Blog)

Peter “Chief Decal Removal Officer” Nobbs

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