Firstly, thank you to all the people who completed the survey.

The overwhelming response is that finding a way to speed up Decal removal is one the best way to help businesses in the Sign industry.

I’m also not surprised that people believe that over 50% of people see removing decals as a hassle if they take on a job that needs it removing. One person responded by saying

“I lost money on a job as under quoted on how long it would take to remove decal from the side of a SUV”.

After searching for a way to help easily remove decals, I really believe we have found something very cool to share.

And before I get into it, I want to share a little about my family story in the sign game.

My father started a successful sign business about 30 years ago and during that time, car decals were invented and boomed as a way for businesses to increase their advertising by displaying decals on their car fleets.

The downside was no-one had found an effective way to take off the decals when the car was sold or needed re-branding.

The old ways of using a hair dryer, adhesive spray, metal blades or even fingers nails just didn’t work.

Often you would spend more time trying to remove a decal from a car, then you would applying it. It just didn’t make sense.

However, there is a happy story

The great news is I have been speaking and working with people in the industry and come up with a great opportunity for people in the Sign industry

Okay to cut is short, we are putting final touches on the Whizzy Wheel and in a few day’s time I will share a video about it and get your thoughts on how it can really help your business

Thanks and Best Regards

P.S – found this funny picture of me when my father started setting up his business. Definitely a bad hair day