Your motorcycle or motor bike is your pride and joy, so of course you don’t want to cause any harm to your precious ride when trying to remove a decal. You’ve invested time and money on your chopper so you don’t want to harm the fender, paint job or gas tank.

I’m sure you’ve tried everything imaginable to remove a sticker from your bike: prying it off with a metal razor blade (a HUGE no-no), peeling it off with your fingernails, or using a harsh chemical to wear it off. I’m sure that none of these resulted in satisfaction or successful sticker removal.

What if I said there was a MUCH easier way to remove decals without causing you angst or damaging your ride? I know you’re probably thinking I’m insane, that there is no easy solution, but there really is.

The Whizzy Plastic Razor blade is a gadget I brought to the decal removal market after years of trying to tear, pry and pull decals using my fingers, abrasive materials, chemicals and so forth. I was sure there was an easier solution!

How do I know about sticker removal?

As working in the family sign business that specialise in producing and removing signs, I have spent many an hour removing decals and signs. I spent hours in frustration before I finally realized there was another way!

After hundreds of emails, phone calls and other such inquires over the years, I came up with the idea for the Whizzy Wheel as well as the Whizzy Plastic Razor Blade. Used together, or separately, they can remove any sticker or decal within minutes and save hours of aggravation without causing harm.

To remove a sticker from your motorbike, I only recommend the Whizzy Plastic Razor blade for the following surfaces

  1. Petrol tank
  2. Plastic vendor

These  areas are not suitable for a metal razor blade, hair dryer or whizzy wheel as are delicate and can affect the surface

Note: if the petrol tank as a clear lacquer covering, you will need to remove this first, before taking off the sticker.

This can be quite tricky as the clear coat can only be removed by cutting the surface as it cant be peeled off. Hence be extremely careful as cutting the clear coat can result in damaging the painted petrol tank

Also, you will need to reseal the petrol tank with another lacquer, otherwise the petrol tank can rust, as it will be exposed to wet and damp weather conditions

The Whizzy Wheel is extremely easy to use. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Gently wipe down the surface area with a soft cloth to ensure that it is free from dirt and debris as this can possibly scratch the surface.
  2. Affix the Whizzy Wheel to a basic drill with the arbor included in the packaging.
  3. Set your drill to 2500-400 rpm and apply to the surface area.
  4. Move the Whizzy Wheel slowly forwards and backwards and watch in fascination as the decal or sticker fall off before your very eyes!


It’s really that simple! The Whizzy Wheel won’t harm your motorcycle, moped, or motorbike so you can breathe a sigh of relief!

Our customers have been raving about how easy the Whizzy Wheel and Miracle Blade are to use. The Miracle Blade is a plastic razor blade that is safe to use on plastic surfaces and can also be used to safely remove and leftover decal residue.


The Whizzy Wheel Plastic Razor blade has other uses as well. Here are just a few:

  • remove goo, gunk, bird or animal droppings, etc from under tables and chairs, windows, doors, etc
  • remove old signage or logo from company or work vehicles
  • remove car dealership stickers from any vehicle
  • remove sigane from boats
  • remove logo, etc from store windows and doors.

And the Whizzy Plastic Razor blade comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return it for a full refund. (But we are pretty sure you will be quite content with the results).

Don’t hesitate! Head on over to our website and make your purchase today! Make it enjoyable and feel free to send us video footage of your victorious Whizzy Dance! We love to see our customers celebrate. Decal removal has never been easier!