Hey there Peter here,

I’m about to head home but before I do, I wanted to share with you a really cool video (well cool for people in our industry…)

It’s show some car decals coming off in minutes – and excuse the strong accent. I might need sub-titles next time.

And also a Big Thank you for some of the personal responses and positive enquiries that really shows an interest in making removing decals an easy task. (we have over 70,000+ views on YouTube)

The following video shows the Whizzy Wheel in action – making easy work of taking off a car decal.

  • It works in minutes
  • Very easy use
  • Safe to use on painted car surfaces (for factory finish paint jobs)

Enjoy the video. It only goes for a couple of minutes so a nice opportunity take a quick break.

Remove Car & Truck Decals and Stickers in Minutes – Step by Step guide

Watch the Video
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FYI – those people who called or emailed me yesterday (and if I haven’t yet got back to you), I promise will share the Whizzy Wheel opportunity in the next few days