To our loyal following of now 4,212 customers who have used the Whizzy Wheel, we are now undergoing a major facelift

Our existing site, which is version 2 is being overhauled with our new more user friendly decal site.

This is based on people who want to remove decals and wanted questions answered before making their purchase. To help we are completing the following in 2015

  • New website with improved sticker and decal removal advise
  • More video’s to show how to remove stickers (in addition to our existing decal removal video’s). There are 5 plus decal removal video’s on this page
  • Next day shipping options to people in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia (plus the rest of the world) with Free shipping for orders of 2 or more*

We hope the new site really helps our customers who want to rid the world of ugly decals. We always get excited when receive emails (though not too many phone calls) from people who love the product.

This week we received two glowing emails from people who loved the results and clean looking car after the whizzy wheel had removed their car decals

Barry, Bathurst (Yes, that’s a common Australian name)

“Peter, got your whizzy wheel today and used it the same night. Car looks great and now can hopefully sell it easily. Thanks and good luck with the product”

Michael, TX (we seem to sell a lot of Wheels to people in Texas, maybe it’s the heat)

“Whizzy Wheels works fantastically. Took me about 20 minutes to do the job. Got quoted $225 from the shop so I am happy”

We will also provide you with open feedback. If your decal is relatively new, then a standard hair dryer  (from ebay for $20) might work to remove the car stick and will save you $29. (or you can ask your partners permission to use it. However, be careful as the cheap models, seem to have a tendency for the engine to burn out)

However, I can guarantee you, if the decal is a few years old, has been out in the heat or cold, then no hair dryer will work…

We also love helping people out to remove stickers, even if they don’t use our products. One thing we can suggest to most people is how good citrus degreaser  is at removing any adhesive or goo left on the surface once a decal has been removed.

If you do no take off the left of adhesive, dirt will stick to the surface and you will not be happy with the outcome.

So when our new site launches later this month, we really welcome your feedback on the new video’s and information about taking off stickers from cars, trucks, utes and buses.

Hopefully our blog over 100 decal removal articles will be helpful

Peter Nobbs

(Chief Decal Removal Officer)


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