This month we are challenging ourselves to show you the best way to remove any car decal.


Our current car sticker removal video has been hugely successful, with 97,458+ views and helping thousands of people remove unwanted decals from cars, RV’s, Trucks and even shop windows.


So this month the bar has been raised with a step by step walk through video of three different ways to remove car stickers.


The video shows you the best 3 options to remove stickers that are old and hard to remove, to the easier stickers that are less than 6 months old


The 3 scenario’s are:


  1. Whizzy Wheel: this decal removal tool is the best way to remove decals that are hard to remove, been baked on in the sun or large areas covered in stickers
  2. Hair Dryer: we show it’s possible to remove a car sticker with a hair dryer, though it only works well on new stickers. It doesn’t work on old car stickers
  3. Whizzy Plastic blade: this blade has a sharp plastic razor edge, so it can get under the decals edge


The NEW Video will bed launched in 5 days time…


Our new video (with the handsome presenter, okay, that’s my ego) shows how to approach the job of removing car stickers. The guidelines are:


  1. Large Areas covered in stickers: Whizzy Wheel
  2. Old decals that are baked on: Whizzy Wheel
  3. Stickers on Plastic or Wooden Surfaces: Whizzy Plastic Blade
  4. Stickers that are less than 6 months old: Hair Dryer, Whizzy Wheel, Whizzy Plastic Blade


I have included a few other video’s that shows some of the other products in action


Whizzy Wheel in action – taking a sticker off the back of a BMW


Hair Dryer in action – works on the new car stickers. (no good on big jobs or large areas of stickers)


Whizzy Plastic Blade – great for small jobs or wooden basketball courts (no good for big jobs or baked on old decals)


Finally, a topic that is not often covered is removing stickers from shop windows.


During the festive and shopping season, retail stores have great sales and often discount their products. They usually promote their sales and discounts by very large stickers on the shop window.


The good news about using glass to show off their sales, is that unlike paint, glass is very hard to scratch. This means shop assistants often end up using metal razor blades to remove the window stickers once the sales have finished.


Now I would recommend using either a Whizzy Wheel or Plastic razor blade to take off stickers from glass, though if a razor blade is your only option, then please use a metal blade that comes with a plastic handle.


I have seen people just using a stand alone plastic razor blade to remove stickers and it’s a recipe for an unhappy ending. It’s very easy to slip and cut yourself when just using a metal razor blade so we suggest not using this.


Bonus Tip:


Depending on what product you use to remove the stickers from either, glass shop window, the side of a truck or the bonnet of the car, will depend on how much residue is left on the surface (i.e. the sticky stuff)


Generally, the Hair Dryer and Plastic razor blades leaves a lot of residue, whereas the Whizzy Wheel, takes off most of the residue.


If there is residue left of the surface, use a citrus degreaser product to get rid of it. You can buy them from Home Depot or Bunnings for about $10 for a bottle.
Remember: if you are reapplying a new sticker, then make sure you clean off the Citrus degreaser with soapy water, then wash down with water (otherwise if you leave the citrus degreaser on the surface, the new sticker will not stick)

Four Seasons Sale


Whizzy Plastic Blade

Peter Nobbs

Chief Decal Removal Officer