Dear Decal Removal Followers,

This week I am opening up about the behind the scenes action of removing car decals and stickers.

For a quick background, our family business installed and removed vinyl signs, stickers and decals from all types of surfaces. Since my father sold up (and retired), we moved online, and focus solely on removing stickers and decals via the Whizzy Wheel.

Our primary channel is our website and recently it went under an update and the results were surprising.

The major changes were

1. Kept the same awesome decal car removal video that has over 100,000 views (thank)

2. Changed the website to a cool snazzy site, with the ability to order 1 – 3 wheels and express whizzy wheel delivery to USA, Canada, UK and Australia (and it appears california’s are our biggest sticker removal customers)

Whizzy Wheel New Website

3. Removed our old “plain” looking website that we thought looked dated and old

Whizzy Wheel Old Website

Well the crazy result is after 1 month, the old site did better.

The decal removal video is the same, but people seem to like the less professional look when it comes to buying tools that remove stickers and decals.

I would love your insights to WHY this is so, as I thought professional and well designed was the best way to express how people can easily take of stickers from most surfaces

Look, we love people contacting us to find out the different ways to remove any type of sticker (, BUT THIS TIME I need your help

If you have any insight into why the old site worked so well, please let me know… your our decal customers and we want to hear from you

Peter Nobbs
Chief Decal Removal Officer