The yellow school bus is an iconic vehicle and crucial part of getting millions of kids to school everyday.


Often the school buses end up in foreign countries such as Guatemala as part of the public transportation system. I experienced this a few years ago, when travelling through Central America.


Sometimes these yellow school buses are cleaned and stickers taken off before being used for other purposes. This is where we can help





School buses often have a decal on the side reading “School Bus”. This decal can easily be removed following these simple steps


  1. Clean the surface of the School Bus sticker to remove the dust and any grime
  2. Get a Whizzy Wheel
  3. Connect the Whizzy Wheel to any standard household drill, using the Arbor supplied
  4. Turn the Drill to 2500- 4000pm (making sure you wear safety glasses)
  5. Move the whizzy wheel back and forth across the surface and watch the School Bus sticker disappear


The below video show a car sticker easily being removed and this you would expect the same results when removing a school bus sticker


Now that the sticker has been removed from the bus, there are a few things to note:


  1. As most school buses are quite old and been out in the sun for a number of years, when the decal is removed, the painted surface where the decal was, will not have been exposed to the weather elements. This means you may get a “ghosting” effect where the paint around of the decal has faded.
  2. When you take off the sticker from the side of the bus, there maybe some adhesive left on the surface. You need to remove these, otherwise dirt and dust will stick to the surface where the Decal used to be.
  3. The whizzy wheel is safe to use on painted surfaces, assuming it’s a factory finish paint work (i.e. if the surface has been resprayed, then best to test in a small area first)


TIP: to get rid of any left over adhesive from the surface, try citrus degreaser from Home Depot for about $12’s. It works a treat



At Whizzy Wheel headquarters, we are here to help you remove all types of stickers. The areas we specialise in are:


  • Removing stickers from glass shop windows
  • Helping Police departments remove stickers from police cars
  • Help government organisations remove stickers and decals from public spaces
  • AND most commonly, helping people remove old hard to remove car stickes


Drop us a line or email me at…. We love to help you remove the world of unsightly decals
Peter Nobbs

Chief Decal Removal Officer