It’s great when you get enquiries about people who have lots of decals and stickers to remove and you are in a position to really help them.


This week, we have helped one of the largest traffic control businesses remove stickers from their vehicle of SUV’s, pick up trucks and utes.


FYI – Traffic Coontrol business are the people responsible for organising and mangaging traffic when there is road work on building construction that impacts the flow of traffic



The demand for the Whizzy Wheel to remove stickers from ute’s arises within the traffic control business due to the different uses of the vehicles. The utes that are used for night work require reflective decals and cars that are used for certain jobs, need specific car stickers applied


The result is that the vehciles used, constantly need the stickers removed and new decals applied. The reflective night decals are very hard to remove, due to the thickness of the sticker, hence most traditional tools don’t work.


The  three main approaches these traffic control businesses use to take off the car stickers are listed below in order of effectiveness, with sticker removal video demonstrations aswell.



  1. Whizzy Wheel: best for big jobs and old baked on decals. Designed specifically for decal removal and takes off most of the left over adhesive aswell



  1. Hair Dryer: good for new decals that are not stuck on tightly to the surface. Not suitable for old baked on stickers that have been out in the hot sun for more than 6 months



  1. Plastic Razor blade: definitely recommend for delicate surfaces to remove stickers from wood or plastic. Not suitable for large jobs or old baked on decals



  1. Metal Razor Blade: definitely NOT suitable for painted surfaces but okay for glass windows



Today we have spoken about removing vehicles stickers for people in the traffic control business and had great success. We would like to share that decal removal succes with more people, so today we are making an open invitation to help all those who need any assistance removing vehicle stickers.


Please drop me a line at or call 0011 61 421 001 613 for any decal or sticker removal questions.


Our areas of expertise are;

  • Decal removal from utes, SUV’s and pick up trucks
  • Taking off stickers from shop windows
  • Removing stickers from basketball courts (only use a plastic razor blade)
  • Cleaning up stickers from public signs (we have helped a few people in Malaysia)
  • Removing very old baked on decals that have been in the sun from 4wd’s
  • Best chemical and chemical free sprays that remove adhesive and goo, that can be left on the surface (tip: eucplaytus oil is magic)
  • General advice and assistance about the Decal and Sticker Removal game



Peter Nobbs

Chief Decal Removal Officer