Short note this week that we are so excited to be helping people remove stickers across the globe with our Whizzy Wheel – Decal removal tool.

In the last few months, we are now dispatching the Whizzy Wheel to customers in the UK, Canada, USA and Australia, all within 3 – 5 days (and offer express delivery)

We are really happy as we are reaching so many more people and you also benefit from Free Delivery if an Amazon Prime customer.

If you don’t know about the decal removal tool, then the whizzy wheel is perfect for

1. Removing old baked on car decals (especially for vehicles that have been in the hot sun)
2. Taking off decals from boats that have been bathed in salt water
3. Quickly removing stickers from glass and shop windows
4. Taking of decals from cars that have been branded in an old company logos (we do a lot of work helping courier vans remove stickers)

If you are interested in some video demonstrations, then check out these

Removing Stickers from a Car

Removing Stickers from Glass Windows

We would love your feedback on our Whizzy Wheel Amazon sites

Amazon USA Car Decal Removal Tool – Whizzy Wheel

Amazon UK Car Decal Removal Tool – Whizzy Wheel

Amazon Canada Car Decal Removal Tool – Whizzy Wheel

If you need any assistance removing stickers or decals from any surface, we would love to help (

Peter Nobbs
Chief Decal Removal Officer