Today we explain the fastest and easiest ways to Remove Car Stickers in Minutes… Check out the car sticker video, then read the step by step instructions below


  • gouging or scratching the paint work
  • touching toxic chemicals, or skin irritating adhesives
  • spending hundreds of dollars on “pricey” equipment
  • damaging or harming the environment
  • wasting money on oomph-less removal sprays
  • tearing or wearing away your fingernails

Removing Car Stickers – Why it Can be Hard Work

There are 3 factors that determine whether a Car Sticker is hard to remove (though even the hardest sticker can be removed easily with the right sticker removal tool)


  1. Age: there is a direct correlation between the age of a car sticker and how hard or easy it is to remove. Stickers less than 3 months old can easily be removed with a plastic blade, though older car stickers need more heavy duty sticker removal tools
  2. Weather: cars that have been left in the hot sun, become much harder to remove. This is due to the heat changing the molecule structure where the adhesive on the sticker becomes bonded to the surface
  3. Sticker Manufacturer: the better known brands such as 3M produce higher grade vinyl that is easier and more consistent to get off. The lower priced stickers often use inferior adhesive’s and can be very hard to remove. (I experienced this recently when taking off glass window frosting that left adhesive all over the surface. (see Bonus Section at bottom of page for TIPS to Remove Adhesive)

The Best 3 WAYS to Remove Car Stickers (From Easy to Hard)

If you want to remove car stickers, I’ve outlined the best 3 approaches below and made a car sticker removal video, to make it easier for you

Car Sticker Removal Video – Comparing the 3 Approaches

  1. Whizzy Wheel: Made of soft Rubber and works by wearing away the Decal
  2. Hair Dryer: heats the sticker up, loosens the bond between the sticker and surface to peel off
  3. Plastic Razor blade: gets under the lip of the sticker and peel off sticker

Whizzy Wheel:

  • Pro’s:
    • Excellent for large car stickers
    • Best option for old baked on car stickers
    • Safe on Factory Finished painted surfaces
  • Con’s:
    • Requires a standard home drill to operate
    • Not suitable for plastic surfaces

Hair Dryer:

  • Pro’s:
    • Works well on newer decals
    • Free (if have a hair dryer at home)
  • Con’s:
    • Doesn’t work well on old baked on decals
    • Slow on larger surfaces

Plastic Razor blade

  • Pro’s:
    • Excellent for plastic or wooden basketball court surfaces
    • Good for small delicate areas
  • Con’s:
    • Doesn’t work on old baked on decals
    • Too slow for large jobs

Whizzy Wheel 

Step 1 Pull your Whizzy Wheel from its secure packaging.

Step 2 Pop the Whizzy Wheel onto your regular house drill using the arbour supplied.

Step 3 Place the Whizzy Wheel and any decal, sticker, or vinyl (up to 55 years old) and turn on the drill.

Step 4 Watch as your decals and stickers quickly vanish revealing a smooth, decal free surface.

As the car sticker is removed, the wheel will wear down and a fine rubber dust will appear on the surface (as per the video demo). Just wipe this dust away and you’ll see the sticker has been removed

Whizzy Wheel Car Sticker Remover whizzy-car


Hair Dryer 

Step 1 Locate (or buy) the most powerful hair dryer you have access to

Step 2 Turn the Hair Dryer onto maximum hear

Step 3 Place the hair dryer approximately 7 – 12 centimetres from the car sticker and move back and forth

Step 4 With use of a plastic blade, peel back the car sticker from the surface

Note: be careful when pulling off the car sticker as it can get very hot. We recommend using a plastic blade in-conjuction with the hair dryer for best results

 The video below shows a Hair Dryer removing a Car Sticker. This would looks like a new sticker as it comes off fairly easily

Hair Dryer


Plastic Razor Blade <add imge blade>

Step 1 Find the sharpest plastic blade available

Step 2 Get the plastic blade under the edge of the sticker

Step 3 Slowly work the blade under the car sticker and peel backwards

Note: the plastic razor blade does not work well on old stickers as these are usually bonded to the surface. We recommend a plastic razor blade for wooden basketball courts or plastic surfaces

Basketball court sticker remover

Bonus Tips

Tip 1 – Citrus Degreaser to Remove Adhesive from the Surface

We find that when removing very old car stickers, that adhesive can be left on the surface. This need to removed, otherwise dust and dirt will get stuck to the surface.

The best product to remove adhesive is citrus degreaser. This can be bought from Bunnings or Home Depot for around $10 – 15 a bottle. If you don’t want to use a manufactured chemical, you can also use Eucalyptus oil to remove the adhesive

Tip 2 – Cut and Polish to remove “Ghosting Affect”

If you are removing a very old car sticker, the painted surface around the sticker may have faded. This means when you remove the sticker, the painted surface underneath will look clean and fresh. To get around this, we recommend Cut and Polish (the strongest type of Polish) to help remove

Car Sticker Ghosting Affect

The Top 6 Reasons People need to Remove Stickers and Decals


  1. Car Dealership Decals and Stickers
  2. Advertisements or Logos from Company Trucks, Cars and SUV’s
  3. Signage from Boat’s Delicate Fiberglass Surface
  4. Old Stickers Leaving Your Camper or RV’s Appearance By Whizzy Clean—and Ready for Spring
  5. Team Logo’s and Sponsorship Advertisements from the Basketball Floors
  6. Gum, goo, bugs, insects, and bird poo from bus seats, car windows, under tables, and so much more

What not to do when Removing Stickers


The main piece of advice we give to people before removing a car sticker is NOT TO USE A METAL RAZOR Blade on painted surfaces. Why…

  1. You can easily cut yourself
  2. Damaging the painted surface is very easy


By now you know the secrets to removing Car Stickers and the best 3 approaches. If you need anymore assistance, please drop me a note at or visit



Peter Nobbs

Chief Sticker Removal Officer