The most common question we get at decal removal headquarters is how to remove baked on old stickers from 4wd’s

It seems that the toughest and hardest stickers to remove, are those baked on from 100+ degree heat. (and maybe that is why we get so many orders from California for people wanting to remove).

the reason it’s so difficult to remove these stickers is the excessive heat, bakes the sticker to the surface. This means the following techniques take off the 4wd car sticker do not work

1. Fingers Nail: doesn’t work as the sticker is too baked onto the surface
2. Hair dryer: doesn’t work as the sticker is bonded to the surface and can only be removed by wearing away the sticker

The good news is the whizzy wheel, definitely will work.

We had a customer with a land crusier with decals going back to the early 1980’s. He took these really old decals off in minutes with the use of a whizzy wheel

The only downside was that the paint around the sticker had faded (we recommended him use some cut and polish to try blend the colours together)

So if you need to take off a sticker from an old 4wd, we strongly recommend you try the whizzy wheel and get the sticker removed in minutes. You only need to

1. Take the whizzy wheel out of the packer
2. Connect the arbor (supplied) to your drill
3. Turn on the whizzy wheel to 2500-4000 rpm
4. Move the whizzy wheel across the 4wd sticker and watch it disappear.

As the whizzy wheel is made from soft rubber, it will not harm factory finish paint. It will also remove most of the adhesive which is a bonus

Common 4WD Land Cruiser with Decals needed to be removed
Common 4WD Land Cruiser with Decals needed to be removed

If there is any adhesive left on (some really old stickers) can leave old adhesive, we recommend some citrus degreaser from your local Home Depot store (around $10 for a big bottle)

We love helping people remove tough old 4wd stickers. So if you have any questions, please let us know at

Peter Nobbs
Chief Decal Removal Officer

P.S – check out our car decal removal video that recently cracked 100,000 youtube views. It shows how easy it can be to remove car stickers