Hi Jim
Thanks for the enquiry and love to help

For the clear bra, it’s best to start with a hair dryer on one of the corners to try and peel an edge off, working on a 45 degree angle. Sometimes the clear car bra can come off in long strips if its not too old.
Be careful to inspect for any cracks or chips, as the paint could come off when the clear bra is peeling peeled off

The whizzy wheel is best to use once parts of the car bra has been removed. It’s unlikely it will come off in 1 go so for the pieces that remove on, use the whizzy wheel

It’s also likely there will be some adhesive left of the surface. We recommend a basic citrus degreaser from home depot to remove any goo left over

A reminder, before you start, check for any cuts, chips or damage to paint as when the clear bra comes off, it could affect the paint work around the area

Also, test the whizzy wheel first in a discrete area to make sure it works as you plan, and wear protective googles. (plus check the surface is clean of any dirt or grime before you start the job so you don’t affect the paint work

There are plenty of forums where people have also raised this question and listed a few of the links below

If you want to see a video of clear car bra being removed, check out this one