Ok, so you’ve just started a new job and you have decided to officially “adult” and remove that juvenile “Honk if you are Horny” decal from your car before you start your sales job in the real world. But you don’t want to wear away your fingers by trying to peel off the decal. No worries! I can give you a few easy tips to remove those embarrassing stickers without chipping your fingernails!

Honestly, peeling a sticker off your car is fairly simple, but most everyone does it the incorrect way, so don’t feel bad if you are hesitant to do so. You are simply going about it the wrong way or using the incorrect tools. Weather can wreak havoc on automotive decals as it both heat and cold will bond it to your window or bumper.

If you are trying to pry the sticker off with your fingernails or ‘melt’ it off using a standard hair dryer, you are in for a rude awakening; all you’re going to do is chip away at the decal… and your fingernails!

Have no fear though; it’s a misnomer that those pesky stickers are actually impossible to remove. After countless complaints from friends and trial and error on my own, I have found an easy method to get rid of those embarrassing decals.

It’s time to bust that myth! Enter the Whizzy Wheel! Not only does it completely remove the unwanted sticker, it does so in only a matter of minutes!

“She’s kidding!” You are probably thinking this to yourself, but, honestly, I am NOT fooling you. It really DOES work! No more chipped nails or frustration!

You are probably wondering how I have gained this insight. Well not only have I personally had to pry off unseemly decals from several of my vehicles over the years, I have also helped my friends and co-workers remove their unwanted car stickers. I have spent years breaking and chipping my fingernails and inventing new swear words. I was determined to find an easier way and stop messing up my beautifully manicured fingernails! And guess what, after a little research, and trial and error, I FINALLY found the way to get rid of car decals in a matter of minutes!

Below is a quick 6-step process that I have discovered to remove the decals in just moments and NOT chip your fingernails, scratch your windows OR mess up your detail work on your beloved vehicle.

1. Purchase your Whizzy Wheel (it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee!)
2. Clean off any dust or dirt from your vehicle so your paint or window will remain free of damage.
3. Attach the Whizzy Wheel to your standard (preferably electric) drill, using the attachments.
4. Set the drill to approximately 2500-4000 rpm.
5. Do a test run on a “safe” surface by moving the Whizzy Wheel forward and backward across the surface area.
6. Watch in fascination as the sticker falls off like magic!

With the Whizzy Wheel, it’s a breeze to remove decals from your car or windows. You will save time, energy and hassle and your car will be decal free!

Here is a simple cheat sheet of do’s and don’ts to ensure that you get first-rate results tonight as you are remove those unwanted decals!

● ensure that the surface is clean and free of debris
● be sure to wear your safety goggles
● Enjoy yourself! Do the Whizzy Wheel Victory Dance (upload it to YouTube and send us a link!)

● Do NOT under ANY circumstance use a metal razor blade as it will ruin your detail work and you could also cut yourself in the process!
● NEVER use the Whizzy Wheel on a second-hand paint job, or respray. The paintwork is not always high-quality on a respray so we cannot guarantee a scratch-free finish.
● DO NOT use the Whizzy Wheel on plastic surfaces as it not suitable for plastic finishes.

Bonus Tip: Link to citrus degreaser – the Secret to removing any left over adhesive from your cars surface

So get started today!! Here’s a quick “How-to” Video to get you motivated!