If your car has a big old ugly decal that needs removing, then it’s time to remove them

You realise your car will look a lot better but you may not know the right way to easily get rid of the decal

You may be afraid to use a window scraper or metal razor blade because you don’t want to damage your car. And you’re right, there’s an easier way!

It’s actually rather simple to remove decals, but most people are unaware of the correct procedure, or they’ve been fooled by the misconception that you need to use a sharp metal tool to pry off those unsightly decals.

Obviously, you can’t simply pry them off with your fingernails as they have been baked onto your vehicle by the hot sun or adverse weather conditions.

There is a simple solution to this common problem. This is only reiterated in the dozens of emails, phone calls and other inquiries I receive only a weekly basis from customers trying to pry off those embarrassing car stickers.

What is the solution? (You know you’re dying of curiosity!) It’s quite simple, the Whizzy Wheel! This simple invention will remove those annoying decals in just a matter of moments and save you from using those sharp metal tools that will only scratch your vehicle and possibly even cause bodily injury in the process.

So how do I know about this? Well, my humble family business has had over twenty years of experience and expertise in the sign business. We constantly deal with removing decals from work and personal vehicles, either to shed those, or to put on a newer, more relevant decal.

After years of tearing, ripping, peeling and prying away at stubborn car decals we have discovered the Whizzy Wheel to save you time, money and aggravation.

Don’t be fooled by items such as metal razor blades, ice scrapers, or even kitchen knives as these will all damage your vehicle while possibly causing you bodily harm. Simply use the Whizzy Wheel and follow these simple steps:

1. Clean the surface area so it is completely free of dust, dirt, and debris as this will protect your paint work.
2. Next, attach the Whizzy Wheel to your electric household drill (we recommend this over the battery operated drill).
3. Grab your standard household electric drill. We prefer the electric drill with a cord, rather than a battery operated drill.
4. Using the arbor supplied, attach the Whizzy Wheel to the electric drill.
5. Set the drill to between 2500-4000 rpm
6. Test a discrete area by applying the Whizzy Wheel and moving it backward and forward along the surface and watch as the decal is removed from the SUV in minutes.

You’ll be amazed and how quick and easy it is to remove decals with the Whizzy Wheel! We have gotten nothing but positive feedback from clients who are grateful to us from saving them from using the incorrect tools, thus saving the paint job on their vehicle

Below is a quick list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you achieve the best results from your Whizzy Wheel! But the most important thing is to make it fun. Send us pictures or video footage of your Whizzy Wheel Victory Dance!

– Always remember to remove any dirt, debris or dust from the surface of your vehicle before using the Whizzy Wheel
– Always wear safety goggles to prevent eye injury. No one wants bits of dust in their eyes.
– Use a citrus degreaser (from Home Depot or Lowes) to remove any remaining adhesive from your vehicle. If you are environmentally conscious, you we highly recommend Eucalypt Oil.

– We cannot stress this enough! Do NOT use a razor blade, kitchen utensil, or any other sharp or metal object to remove a sticker. You will only ruin your paint job, chip your nails and possibly harm yourself in the process.
– Do not use the Whizzy Wheel on re-sprays or second-hand paint jobs. Use only on factory finish paint.
– Never use the Whizzy Wheel on plastic surfaces as it not suitable for this type of use.

Get started today and save yourself time, effort and money! Check out our website now to get your Whizzy Wheel and remove those pesky decals without any hassle!