Ever wonder if there’s an easier way to pry those pesky decal stickers from your car window?

Sure, a few years ago that “Party Gal On Board” or “Surfer Dude On Board” sticker seemed really cool, but now that you’re a Dad with a family and kids, it’s time to grow up and get rid of those embarrassing decals.

No worries, I can show you a simple way to remove those decals without wasting your entire Saturday.

It’s actually very easy to remove decals, but most people have no idea as they are using the wrong equipment or just trying to pry it off with their fingernails or a metal razor blade.

Decals can be stubborn to remove as they are sealed to the window due to adverse weather condition such as extremely hot or cold temperatures.

So you’ve worked hard all week so you want to spend the weekend relaxing with your family, or Friends

You really don’t want to spend hours trying to pry that unsightly decal from your car window. You would rather sleep in and enjoy a lazy Saturday with your family and loved ones. Who wouldn’t? No one wants to spend their Saturday morning trying to remove an embarrassing decal from their car window.

Guess what? It’s a myth that it takes hours to remove window decals.

I can back this up by the countless emails, phone calls and inquiries I have received over the years from clients asking me how to remove their window stickers.

The Whizzy Wheel, my pride and joy, will remove your window decal within minutes, freeing you up to have your Saturday morning to sleep in and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

What’s my secret? Just this…my family has had over 20 years experience in the signage business so we have had ample experience removing old stickers from our car windows and replacing them with new, updated decals.

After years of wasting hours peeling, tearing and ripping off older window stickers, I was certain there was a simple solution. And soon I discovered the simplest and quickest way to do so…enter the Whizzy Wheel!

Below is a quick guide on how to use the Whizzy Wheel to remove window decals without damaging your glass car window.

1. Wipe the window so it is clean and free of dust, dirt and debris.
2. Put on some safety glasses as a pre-caution
3. Connect the Whizzy Wheel to your standard household drill using the abror included. We recommend using an electric drill as opposed to a battery operated one.
4. Power on the drill and set between 2500-4000 rpm (revolutions per minute).
5. Run a test by applying the wheel to the window and moving it forwards and backwards across the surface.
6. Repeat until the decal is removed from your window in just minutes.

It’s that simple! Now you have your Saturday morning is completely free! We have had nothing but positive feedback from customers who were relieved to have their weekends free again.

Here is a list of simple do’s and don’ts to help you remove your window decals without a hassle.

● Remember to clean the window surface before applying the Whizzy Wheel.
● Always wear safety goggles to prevent eye injury.
● Have a blast! Do a Whizzy Wheel Happy Dance once your decal is removed and feel free to send us a video or before and after pictures!
● NEVER use a metal blade or ice scraper to remove a decal as it will scratch your car window.
● Only use the Whizzy Wheel on glass windows as it is not designed for plastic surfaces,

Helpful Hints (BONUS)
● To help remove any leftover residue from the window decal, we recommend using citrus degreaser from Home Depot or if you prefer a product that is safe for the environment, try Eucalypt Oil.
● Not only can you use the Whizzy Wheel to remove window decals, you can also use it to remove gum, bugs, bird droppings, etc from other areas on your vehicle as well such as seating, dashboards and the exterior of your vehicle.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the Whizzy Wheel, but why not try it for yourself? It’s easy to use and will save you hours.

Plus get the bonus Tip to get rid of any left over adhesive using citrus degreaser Only $10 from Home Depot

Check out a simple “how-to-video” on our website!