So you have a whole bunch of stickers to remove from your car, but don’t know where to start….
You may be environmentally conscious and don’t want to use any toxic adhesive sprays that damage the environment and also can cause a red rash on your hands.

I sometimes hear people are afraid to remove it because you don’t want to use any harsh abrasives or materials that will damage the environment.

What if I told you that there a simple solution that will save you time, energy and move and as a bonus, will NOT be harmful to the environment!

Honestly, removing those pesky decals is really simple, but most of us caught get up in the misnomer that we have to use some expensive adhesive remover or some high-powered electric equipment. Or we are oversimplifying the issue and trying to pry the decal off with our fingernails or some metal object such as a razor blade, ice scraper or even a kitchen utensil such as a knife or spoon.

Removing decals can be easy, though most people do not know how. They assume they know what they are doing and thus damage their vehicle in the process.

The reason window or car decals are so difficult to remove is that over time, they adhere to the surface due to being overexposed to the elements such as extreme hot or cold weather conditions.

Simply trying to scrape them off with a razor blade or use nail polish remover will ruin your paint job, scratch your window, ruin your fingernails, harm the environment and possibly even result in injury.

We have an extremely simple, cost-effective, and even fun, solution…Whizzy Wheel!

How do I know this to be true? Easy, after over 20 years in the signage business, owned and operated by myself and my family, I have had years of experience with trying to pry, peel, tear and rip off those annoying decals prior to putting on newer, more relevant stickers.

I also have had countless emails, phone calls, and other inquiries from clients over the years as they, too, have struggled to remove those irritating car decals. After years of chipped paint jobs and finger nails, not to mention inhaling unsafe liquid adhesive removers, I finally came up with a solution.

The Whizzy Wheel has saved thousands of satisfied customers time, frustration and money! And the best part is we offer a complete money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied!

Here are a few helpful hints on how to use the Whizzy Wheel to remove car decals without any hassle, damage to you, your vehicle, or the environment!

★ First, cleaning the surface will ensure that it is free from dust particles, etc, and will keep it from not damaging the exterior of your vehicle.
★ Second. Install the Whizzy Wheel to any basic household drill using the arbor included. Most opt for an electric drill rather than a battery operated one.
★ Next, power up the drill and turn the setting to 2500-4000 rpm.
★ Then you should try testing a miniscule are by moving the Whizzy Wheel in a forward and backward motion along the test surface.
★ Finally, use the Whizzy Wheel to safely remove any car or window decals in just a matter of minutes!

Here are a few additional hints:
❖ Don’t forget to wipe the surface clean of any type of debris
❖ Always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes!
❖ Let loose and enjoy yourself. Do the Whizzy Wheel Victory Dance. Feel free to send us a video, we want to share in your joy!
❖ NEVER use any type sharp surface such as metal razor blade to remove a decal as it will chip your paint and possibly cause you to cut yourself.
❖ Never use the Whizzy Wheel on plastic surfaces or second-hand paint jobs.
❖ If there is any leftover adhesive, be sure to ditch the evidence by using an environmentally safe product such as Eucalyptus Oil.