Eventually we all have to face the annoying process of removing stickers from car windows, whether it’s to replace them with new stickers or simply because we got bored with them and need a change.

I’m sure that in the process of doing so you’ve either broken or chipped a fingernail or cut yourself with a sharp object while trying to scrape the sticker off your window, also scratching the car window in the process.

Removing decals from car windows does not have to be such a burdensome task. So many people assume this is a major project only to find that they are simply going about it the wrong way.

Using your fingernails or a metal object will not only harm your car window..and possibly you. And harsh chemicals are not good for your car…the environment.

And who wants to waste an entire weekend out in the hot sun or pouring rain trying to pry baked on stickers from your car windows? Wouldn’t you rather sleep in on a Saturday?

I’m sure you have exhausted every  means possible to try and safely remove those car decals…to no avail. It’s disappointing and frustrating and a complete waste of time!

The act of removing stickers from car windows does not have to be such a tedious process. This is a common misconception. One I have managed to overcome with the invention of the Whizzy Wheel!

Now instead of hours, it only takes minutes to remove those stubborn decals! Yes, you read that correctly…MINUTES! (I can hear you gasping in awe!) How do I know so much about the art of sticker removal?

Well, with over 20 years of experience in a family owned sign business, I have had ample experience with trying to scrape, peel, tear, and pry stickers off car windows, exterior and interior surfaces, signage, and other such surfaces. I had spent hours trying to figure out an easier way.

Then after dozens of customer phone calls, emails and questions regarding the best month to remove decals from car windows, I came up with the idea for the Whizzy Wheel!

The secret to successfully removing car window stickers lies within the power of the Whizzy Wheel. Along with the Whizzy Wheel Plastic Razor Blade, removing car window stickers is a breeze.

Simply follow these basic steps.


  1. Check out our website and purchase your Whizzy Wheel.
  2. Apply the Whizzy Wheel to your household drill using the arbor included with the product.
  3. Apply the Whizzy Wheel to the desired area and move it backwards and forwards over the sticker.
  4. Watch in ecstasy as the sticker disappears right before you eyes.
  5. Use the Whizzy Wheel Razor Blade, along with either citrus degreaser or Eucalyptus Oil (for the environmentally conscious) to scrape off any remaining residue.

It’s that easy!!!  Now you can do the Whizzy Dance to celebrate!

Here are a few helpful hints to remember

  1. Clean the surface area before using the Whizzy Wheel to remove any dirt and prevent scratching.
  2. Always wear protective eye gear.
  3. Test the Whizzy Wheel on a discrete surface before each use.
  4. Never use the Whizzy Wheel on plastic surfaces. This would be a job for the Whizzy Wheel Plastic Razor Blade.
  5. Never use a metal razor blade or any other sharp object in decal removal.

We have had thousands of satisfied customers! Nothing but rave reviews for the Whizzy Wheel and Whizzy Wheel Plastic Razor Blade: a dynamic duo for decal removal!

And we do offer a 100% money back guarantee if  you are not fully satisfied with your purchase for any reason

Here are some other uses for the Whizzy Wheel:

  • remove car dealership decals, signs and stickers
  • remove advertisements from company vehicles
  • remove any stickers from your RV
  • remove logos and adverts from basketball floors
  • remove gum, goo, dead bugs, bird droppings from car and bus seating, car interiors, under desk and tables…and MUCH MORE!

So why are you wasting another second? Check out our website for yourself. Read our blog and customer testimonials. You can also learn more about our history. So head on over and purchase your Whizzy Wheel…you won’t be sorry!