Basically, it is possible to get rid of those annoying stickers on bicycle fame without having to damage its paintwork. For many reasons, manufacturers will plaster various stickers on different parts of a bicycle, especially the frame.

A good number of bicycle owners know that it can be very annoying to have numerous stickers and decorations on a bicycle.

Although some people believe that it is impossible to get rid of the various bike decorations without scratching or removing the painting, it is possible to achieve this, provided that the right removal method is applied.

The right method of removal of stickers from a bicycle will mainly depend on the type of sticker being removed and the type of painting used on the bicycle surface.

It is not advisable to scrape it off using a sharp object. This method of sticker removal will definitely damage the paint and make the surface appear ugly.

Currently, there are various types of stickers and decorations used on bicycles, which may influence the right method of removal. Some of the decorations found on bicycle surfaces are hand painted.

Well, this is not very common and will mostly occur on vintage bikes. Then there are the decals, also referred to as water transfers. These are the type of stickers that are immersed in water, slid off their paper backing and then placed on the chromed or painted surface of a bicycle.

Lastly, there are the conventional stickers that are commonly used in modern bicycles.

The Various Bicycle Sticker Removal Options

As mentioned earlier in this article, there are various methods of sticker removal methods that may be used on bicycle surfaces. The most appropriate method of removal is mainly influenced by the type of sticker being removed and the type of painting/coating used on the bicycle surface. However, some of the methods that are commonly used to remove stickers from bicycle frames include:

  • Heat gun – this method is also effective, but comparatively slow. It is most appropriate for the newer stickers because they come off more easily, as compared to the older stickers.
  • Plastic Razor blade – This happens to be one of the best methods as it will not damage the paintwork. It is also ideal for small delicate areas

The most appropriate bicycle sticker removal method will also be influenced by the type of coating/painting used on the bicycle.

Surfaces with a Protective Lacquer Coating

The majority of the expensive bicycle brands, the one that are priced higher than $1000, mostly feature a lacquer coating to protect the surface of the bicycle from weather elements.

In this case, the sticker will be positioned beneath the lacquer layer; hence impossible to remove using any removal method. To remove such stickers, the lacquer coating on the sticker has to be removed first.

To remove the lacquer coating, you may use a sharp blade to scrape it off from the surface of the bicycle. Once the sticker is exposed, it can be removed using the appropriate removal method. After the sticker has been removed, it is advisable to re-apply a layer of lacquer coating on the surface.

Removing a Bicycle Sticker Effectively

Basically, stickers have a sticky underneath surface because of the adhesive used to hold them in place. To remove such stickers, the following procedure may be used:

  1. In order to make the sticker easier to remove, heating is advised. This may be done using a heat gun or a simple hairdryer. In this case, the heat should be spread evenly over the offensive sticker for a few minutes. Citrus degreaser may also be used to remove the adhesive along the sticker edges.
  2. Once the corners of the sticker start to ‘lift’ the sticker should be peeled off gently while applying heat. This way, the sticker should come off without much resistance.
  3. Clean the surface. Once the sticker is off, the adhesive will remain and needs to be cleaned off. This adhesive may be rinsed off using either Eucalypts oil or Citrus Degreaser.

The Dos and Don’ts

  • If the sticker being removed is on a plastic part of the bicycle, it is not advisable to use a metal razor blade method because it can damage the plastic surface.
  • Similarly, citrus degreaser may not be used on a plastic surface to clean the sticker adhesive.

While removing stickers from the surface of a bicycle may be easy, it is advisable to leave the work to the professionals, especially if you do not know how to go about it.