You’re living the American dream!

You finally purchased that custom RV or perhaps a vintage RV that you’ve been yearning to own and allows you to explore and travel and live the life of a RV’ lover

However, you may be dissatisfied that your gorgeous new (or used) RV is covered in ugly decals, or for sale or even dealer stickers.

How can you possibly remove those decals and posters without having to damage the sleek new (or vintage) paint job?

You don’t want to waste hours peeling, scraping, tearing or prying off stickers, decals and signage from your new luxury RV so there MUST be a simple solution, right?

The main idea here is to get a decals removal method that is easier, more effective and always leaves attractive results, when it comes to removing decals and posters from the surface of RVs and other vehicle types. Ideally, the most appropriate method in this case should not damage the paintwork on your RV.

I, Peter Nobbs, decal removal extraordinaire, have come up with a simple solution: an innovative new technology also referred to as the Whizzy Wheel!

Our website,, for instructional videos and testimonials on how this amazing contraption can save you money, time and hours of wasted frustration!

After years of frustration and endless customer inquiries, I was wondering whether there was another method of removing decals and posters from the surfaces of RVs without damaging the surface. The good news is that there is a better way. See for 20 years, I have worked in the family sign business so I have had more than my fair share of trying to peel, pry, scrape, scratch, tear, etc decals, vinyl signs and stickers from a number of different surfaces.

That’s when I invented the Whizzy Wheel! And I am so sure that you will fall in love with how easily it removes stickers from your RV, motorhome or camper, that I personally guarantee your money back if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Secure the Whizzy Wheel to your home drill using the attachment provided with your purchase.
  2. Test a discrete surface before each use.
  3. Apply the Whizzy Wheel to the intended surface and move gently in a backwards and forwards motion.
  4. Watch in awe as the decals disappear before your very eyes!
  5. Remove any remaining adhesive with my other innovative product, the Whizzy Wheel Plastic Razor Blade.

And for no additional charge, here are a few useful tips to make your Whizzy experience even more enjoyable:

  1. Blare some tunes and really get into it!
  2. Record your Whizzy Victory Celebration and send it to us!
  3. Use an electric drill instead of a battery operated one for better performance
  4. Always wear safety goggles to shield your eyes from flying debris.
  5. NEVER use sharp metal objects such as scissors, metal razor blades, pocket knives, kitchen utensils or army knives on your RV as they will only severely damage the surface…and even cause you unnecessary bodily harm!
  6. Make sure the designated surface is free of debris before you use the Whizzy Wheel. Excess dirt or dust can leave scratches on your surface.
  7. NEVER use the Whizzy Wheel on fiberglass or plastic surfaces. Use the Whizzy Wheel Plastic Razor Blade for such delicate tasks.
  8. Don’t use harsh abrasive chemicals to remove decals. If you have to use something, I recommend citrus degreaser or eucalyptus oil (for those who are truly worried about protecting the Earth).

While there are a horde of other whizzy wheel applications, I love the fact that it leaves impressive results when used on the surface of RVs to remove decals. The Whizzy Wheel can save you hours of frustration not to mention money, which you can now put toward your dream RV vacation!

I look forward to hearing how much you enjoy the Whizzy Wheel. Over the past few years, I have received nothing but the highest praise from thousands of satisfied customers.

So before you take that big road trip…or secluded hideout in the woods in your RV, purchase your Whizzy Wheel so your RV can look like new!