Getting a new car you love is a fantastic experience.

The less than fantastic piece is removing those old car stickers and decals.

It is not odd for me to wake up and find a horde of messages in my inbox asking for the best pin stripping method to get rid of these annoying stickers.  Although there are some removal methods that will simply not work or will end up damaging the paintwork on the car or even hurt your nails, it is still possible to remove these stickers and decals safely and in a timely manner.

With more than 250 million cars on the American roads today, it is common for new car owners to have a ‘My Child is an Honor Student’ or a ‘Baby on Board’ sticker.

While this is appropriate for some car owners, it does not make any sense to others.

Some forums will advice you on various ways of removing such stickers, with the extreme option is having the car repainted entirely.

Well, this will work, but is an expensive method, if the aim is just to get rid of an annoying sticker.

Other methods, such as using a metal razor blade to scrape the sticker away will just end up destroying the paintwork on your car. Having been in this business for a considerable period, I have tried the various recommended sticker removal methods; know which will work and which will not.

To help the car owners who are having this problem, I compiled this guide, elaborating the best ways to remove car stickers to without damaging the paintwork or hurting your finger nails. Additionally, I am going to discuss the two main tools that may be used to remove such stickers, including the Whizzy wheel and Wonder wheel.

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The Whizzy Wheel As Compared To Wonder Wheel, Sticker Removal Tools

As an expert who as tried the various car decals and sticker removal methods, I can confidently declare that no other tool works fast and is most effective, when it comes to removing car stickers, especially the larger and comparatively old car stickers. While many self-proclaimed professionals will recommend the heat guns or metal razor blades for this purpose, they are not ideal removal methods. Trust me, I have tried such methods and the results were catastrophic—well, the stickers will be gone, but the paint work will be damaged. Other ridiculous removal methods that have been proposed by various platforms include:

  • Using fingernails – the result here is a lot of pain in your fingernails and a lot of time wastage.
  • Adhesive sprays and liquids – such methods only work to remove the sticker adhesive after the sticker has been removed.
  • Hair drier – this may work for the newer stickers, but will definitely not work for the older ones.

This leaves the Whizzy wheel as the ultimate car sticker removal method in the market, for the comparatively large stickers. So, how exactly does this tool function to remove car stickers?

  • Clean the surface of the sticker to remove dirt and debris- This will prevent the paintwork from getting scratched during the removal process.
  • Attach your whizzy wheel to an electric domestic drill using the arbor that is supplied with your whizzy wheel – using an electric drill is more recommended over a battery-operated one.
  • Regulate the speed of the drill to between 2500 and 4000 rpm before starting it.
  • You can now start the drill and move it in a back to forth motion around the sticker you would like to remove.

This is among the most effective ways of removing larger stickers on the surface of vehicles, regardless of the age of the sticker.


Dos and Don’ts

  • Once the sticker is gone, you may use an adhesive spray to remove any remaining sticker adhesive from the surface of the car.
  • Whizzy wheel should not be used on plastic surfaces as it can damage them. Instead, you should use a plastic razor blade to remove stickers on such surfaces.
  • For more information on how to use a whizzy wheel, take a look at this video.