For a while now, I have been getting email questions and calls, regarding the best way to get rid of decals from the surface of a wooden basketball court.

Although it may be comparatively easy to remove a sticker from such surfaces, preferably using a plastic razor blade, it is more difficult to get rid of decals from wooden surfaces; hence the need for the most appropriate decals removal method.

Although removing decals from the wooden basketball court surfaces may be a bit difficult, the good news is that it is actually possible.

How, you may be wondering. All you need is the best decals removal tool—a plastic whizzy wheel, and ample time to remove the decal(s).

For a considerable period now, I have been helping my clients remove stickers and decals from various surfaces, ranging from metal surfaces, plastic surfaces to wooden surfaces.

If you have ever attempted removing stickers and decals from such surfaces, you can attest to the fact that the various surfaces require varying removal methods as well as tools.

With years of experience in removing decals and stickers, I definitely know which tools and methods will work, when it comes to removing decals from basketball wooden courts.

If you happen to be one of the people facing this decals removal problem, the first thing that you need to ascertain is the type of wooden court you are working with.

For instance, if the court is exclusively used for the purpose of practice, a certain level of scratching may be tolerated on its surface.

However, if you are removing a decal from a wooden basketball court that is used for games, you will need to use a method that will not scratch the surface. This is mainly because such courts feature a delicate surface that is mostly polished.

In a bid to retain the appearance and quality of such surfaces, you need to only use a decals removal method and tool that is guaranteed to remove the decals and not scratch the surface.

Regardless of the type of wooden basketball court you are working with, there are certain decals removal tools that will just not work. Such tools include:

  • A conventional whizzy wheel and hair dryer – although such tools may work in removing decals and stickers from other surfaces, they simply will not work when it comes to removing decals from wooden basketball courts. This is because they will either peel the smooth wooden surface or scratch it in the process of removing the decals.
  • Metal razor blades – Many online sources recommend the use of metal razor blades to remove decals from various wooden surfaces. However, this not only a highly ineffective tool for this works, but is also very dangerous for the user. Such a blade can get caught in the wood and end up cutting the hands of the user. For your own safety, you should refrain from using metal razor blades to scratch decals and stickers from any wooden surface, including the surface of a wooden basketball court.

So, Which Is The Most Appropriate Tool?

Although you may have come across various online platforms that recommend different decals removal methods for wooden surfaces, I personally recommend the use of a whizzy wheel plastic blade.

While other plastic blades, such as the wonder blade, may also work, the whizzy wheel plastic blade is the tool I find most appropriate for removing decals from wooden basketball court surfaces without scratching the surface.

Just as the conventional whizzy wheel is effective in removing stickers and decals from metal surfaces, such as car bodies, the whizzy wheel plastic blade is highly effective in removing decals and stickers from wooden surfaces within a very short period. To use this tool, you can use the following procedure:

Check out the video below


For more tips on sticker and decals removal, take time to go through my website, or watch this decals removal video.