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We Love to Help people easily Remove Decals and Stickers in the Easiest Way Possible

If you have any questions about removing Decals and Stickers for jobs on cars, windows, glass, trucks or even planes, then please let us know.

We will use all of our 20+ years experience to give you the best advice.


Our preferred contact method is via email, and we will respond within 1 working day. My personal email is

Contact Phone Number:

If it’s super urgent and you can not wait a day, then drop me a line on my cell phone (calling within the USA) on 011 61 421 001 613 or calling within Australia 0421 001 613

If you want to get started straight away, then Fantastic.

You can purchase a Whizzy Wheel, click here to be taken to our homepage, with the order
button (add to cart paypal button) about 2/3 way down the page

Remember: when you purchase 3 Whizzy Wheels you get Free Delivery plus a Whizzy Plastic Razor Blade for FREE.

Delivery Times:

We dispatch same day as so excited to help you remove those stickers and takes

  • 3 -5 delivery days for USA, Canada and United Kingdom orders
  • 2 -5 delivery days for Australian orders
  • 8 -11 delivery days for orders to New Zealand and rest of the word.

So Start Now and get rid of those ugly stickers by getting a Whizzy Wheel

I’ll guarantee the clean surface left when the sticker has been removed will leave a big Smile on your Face.