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We have laid out the Definite Guide to understanding in 10 – 15 minutes, what it took me to learn in over 20+ years for the fastest, quickest and easiest ways to remove Stickers and Decals. We suggest you take the following approach:

1. Add your name and email to the sign-up box below to the Definitive Guide to Removing any Blue Print. It’s a 20+ page User Guide that explains the best ways to remove Decals for virtually all situations.

2. Check out the Whizzy Wheel video below that shows how to connect it to any house hold drill and watch it removing a Car sticker in seconds.

3. Check out our “How to Video’s” where I show you what tools work and don’t work to remove stickers and Decals.

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Now for our “How to Video’s and Related Blog articles”

1.   How long does a whizzy wheel last and what jobs is it perfect for?

This is the most common question I receive as people want to know how many cars will have their decals removed when using a Whizzy Wheel.

2.   How to find the best way to remove stickers from car without damaging your fingernails?

Learn the secrets of removing car decals that does not involve using or damaging your fingernails.

3.   How not to be fooled by tools that don’t work when removing stickers?

How not to be fooled by tools that don’t work when removing stickers?
There is only 1 tool that is proven to easily take off car decals and stickers. We show you which one.

4.   How to save the environment when removing car stickers?

What to know the adhesive removal spray that won’t damage the environment or your hands? Find out below

5.   How to avoid paying compensation claims by avoiding using metal razor blades to remove stickers from glass windows?

One way to avoid hefty legal bills when removing stickers is AVOID using a Metal razor blade and here’s why.

6.   How to save $178 when removing your shop decal windows?

I was shocked to hear the quotes some people were quoted to have shop decals removed. Find out how to put more money back into your pocket.

7.   How to remove sticker and decals from Motorcycles and Motor bikes without harming the fender, paint or petrol tank?

Removing stickers from a motor bike requires a different approach and the standard Whizzy Wheel is not suitable for this job.

8.   The fastest ways to remove stickers from public signs?

If you live in Malaysia, Iran or some Asian cities, then over use of advertising stickers on public signs and housing is a real problem – good news is we have helped a fair few customers solve this sticker issue.

9.   How not to procrastinate about removing that ugly old decal from a car window?

When you don’t know the tool to use to easily take of car window decals, then it’s easy to procrastinate. Find out the quick method to get started now

10.   How to remove those 1990’s stickers from your bumper without damaging the plastic bumper guard?

If you have a sticker on your bumper than we only recommend using a Plastic Razor blade. Find out the reasons why.

11.   How to use a Whizzy wheel and save $139 removing car decals and stickers?

Did you know the average cost to remove an average size car decal is over $100…? Learn the fastest, cheapest and quickest ways to remove decals

12.   How to remove stickers from the cars paintwork and keep your sanity?

We always say NO to using Metal razor blades when removing decals from a cars paintwork and here are the reasons why

13.   How to remove old stickers from trucks and buses without making losing your entire weekend?

Taking off Deals and Stickers from Buses and Trucks can be a daunting task. Let us show you the insider tricks of the industry

14.   How to remove stickers from an RV without raising your blood pressure?

RV are usually big vehicles and often have big decals on them. Let us show you the easy way to remove RV stickers the fastest way

15.   How to remove stickers from your kids bicycle?

Removing stickers from your kids bicycles can be done a few different ways but first you need to check if there is a clear lacquer on the frame. The video explains it in detail

16.   How to remove decals from a wall without damaging the paintwork?

If you need to paint your walls or clean up old decals from the inside of a building, there are a few considerations you need to take into account as mentioned in this video

17.   How to remove an embarrassing sticker from your car in minutes

If you have an old embarrassing decal on your car from your younger days, or potentially a mid life crisis, check out the tips we share to rid these stickers in minutes

18.   Why the whizzy wheel is the best decal and sticker pinstriping tool and how to use it

Okay – before you watch this video you may think we are bias, though the feedback from the thousands of customers we have is the Whizzy Wheel is the stand out leader in removing decals and stickers

19.   How to get an extra $977 when selling your 2nd hand car by remove advertising decals?

Did you know the average car gets roughly 10% more on the selling price if you sell if without those old ugly decals on it? Find out easiest way to remove those tough old decals from your car in minutes

20.   How to remove decals from glass without harming the environment?

Some people use toxic chemical sprays to remove decals from glass windows. The goods news there are alternate environmentally friendly ways that work even better

21.   The safest way to remove stickers and decals from wooden basketball court

If you work in the NBA or any professional basketball league, you know the importance of keeping your court in the best condition. We only recommend Plastic Razor blades when removing court stickers and this video explains why

22.  How to remove dated decals from your Road Trip Van?

Are you about to head off on a Road Trip but have some old dated decals that need to be removed from the Van – check out the easy steps to take them off in no time

23. How to find the most effective way to remove car decals?

Today we break down the most effective way to remove a car decal. A summary of the best techniques for car decal removal

24. The top Decal removal tools for all types of cars, trucks, glass windows and boats

Today we break down the best and most effective tools to remove a car decal. A summary of the best tools and techniques