What are the best sticker removal tools for taking off car stickers?

September 4th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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If you haven’t removed stickers from a car before, then it can be a task that isn’t much fun….

The good news is, even if you have a car with some old retro stickers on it, that you want to remove, then I can explain the best sticker removal tools

 car with some old retro stickers


I’ll split this blog about the best sticker removal tools into two parts. Ways to do it for free or low cost, and the paid version.

Before we get started, there are a few variables that impact the way car stickers can be removed.

Factors affecting Car sticker removal

1.       Age

Generally car stickers that have been on the surface less than 12 months are much easier to remove, then stickers that have been on for years.

The reason, once a car sticker is on the surface for more than 12 months, and out in the weather, it becomes bonded onto the surface and much harder to remove.

Generally, hot weather is the main culprit of making stickers hard to remove. The heat makes the adhesive in the sticker bond to the surface, making it very hard to remove

2.       Quality of the car sticker


Generally there are two types of car stickers to remove

  1. a.       Small Car stickers, such as bumper stickers as in the below picture

These are an unknown when it comes to removing due to the inconsistency of the adhesive quality.

Some of these stickers are made in the USA, though a lot are made in China, where the adhesive quality can vary from good to very poor.

What this means is when it comes to removing these bumper style stickers, you may get situations where the adhesive is very poor quality and really sticks to the surface. This makes it harder to remove the sticker, even if it’s less than 12 months old

harder to remove the sticker


  1. b.      Professional stickers used in car advertising

Generally professional installed car stickers that are used for advertising use a reliable sticker/ vinyl lettering from 3M.

The good news is that the quality of adhesive is reliable and using the most appropriate sticker removal tool will get the job done quite easily (if you want a sneak peak, check out this video for removing car stickers).

This means, if you have a job to remove car stickers that have, for example 3M vinyl lettering, then you can be fairly confident of being able to get the job done with little fuss

 3M vinyl lettering

  1. c.       Reflective

The outliner to all these scenario’s is reflective car stickers. These are the type used on police and ambulances, that shine when at night when a light is shone on them.

This style of car sticker is much thicker than usual car stickers and takes a lot of time to remove. The job or removing reflective car stickers can be achieved, though expect to take 2 – 3 times longer than the average job

 removing reflective car stickers


The Best Sticker Removal Tools


  1. 1.       Free Option

Okay, if you have plenty of time and prefer to save a few bucks, rather than getting the stickers off your car more quickly, then there are a few options that cost next to nothing

  1. Hair Dryer or Heat Gun

If you have access to a hair dryer or heat gun, you can use this to remove a car sticker. The basic approach is that by heating the sticker, the adhesive becomes more like jelly and loses its bond between the sticker and the surface.

What you need to do is

  1. Clean the surface of any dirt or grime
  2. Turn on the hair dryer and slowly move it back and forth across the sticker, about 6-12  inches or 15 – 30 centimetres from the surface
  3. After the sticker warms up, slowly start to peel off the sticker

If you have a plastic scraper, it makes the job much easier to remove the car sticker

plastic scraper

  1. Plastic Scraper

This method only works on newer car stickers where the bond between the sticker and the car has not bonded yet. It works by getting under the lip of the car sticker and slowly removing it.

Our opinion, the plastic scraper is best used in combination with a hair dryer, rather than by itself

FYI –  plastic scraper can be bought for under $5 from your local home depot or hardware store

Note: the above free (or low cost) sticker removal tools definitely work on newer stickers, though any car with car stickers more than a few years old, or been out in the sun, WILL HAVE LITTLE SUCCESS using the Hair Dryer.

The reason being, the adhesive can’t be heated to turn into a gelly structure, as over time, it has bonded to the surface and turned into a cement like state. This means the only feasible way to take off the sticker is via Whizzy Wheel

  1. 2.       Sticker Removal Tools (paid options)


  1. a.       Car Sticker Removal Professional


These are small businesses that come around and remove your car stickers for you. They usually charge between $30-75 / hour and for some reason, seem to have a minimum charge of 2 hours work. This is to cover their call out fee.

They use a mix of products to remove car stickers, including heat guns, plastic scrapers, whizzy wheels and citrus degreaser

The upside of using these guys is they also leave the surface looking very clean by taking off any left over adhesive. They usually use a product such as citrus degreaser that is great at getting off any left over glue or adhesive.

If you are short on time, and money is and cost is a secondary priority, these type of guys are fantastic. Usually expect to spend between $60 – $250 to have your car stickers taken off, depending on the size of the job

  1. b.      Whizzy Wheel


It may seem bias, though this is the best car sticker tool on the market to take off car stickers.

It’s a soft rubber wheel, that connects to any standard drill and quickly takes off the car sticker when apply to the surface. The way it works is by

  1. Attach the Whizzy Wheel to a standard drill using the arbor that comes supplied with the Whizzy Wheel
  2. Turn on the drill to approx. 2500-4000 rpm
  3. Moving the Whizzy Wheel back and forth across the sticker as it’s quickly removed


A lot of people use the Whizzy Wheel after unsuccessfully trying to take off a car sticker using a Hair Dryer. The wheel really works best and proves itself when taking off very old car stickers that have been baked on.

The below video shows it in action – easily taking off an old car sticker

Here at www.decalstickerremover.com we love helping people remove car stickers and letting you make the choice about what is the best car sticker removal tool

If you want to use the whizzy wheel, then fantastic and we will love shipping one out to you asap.

If you just need some car sticker removal advice, then we are happy to help aswell. Please drop us a line at peter@pacificwebb.com.au or call me personally on 00 11 61 421 001 613 (or 0421 001 613 if in Australia)

We help people from all over the world to remove car stickers, with the majority of our customer being in the United States (Texas and Florida), Canada, Europe, New Zealand and plenty in Australia


Peter Nobbs

Chief “Decal Removal” Officer

How to take off stickers from a bicycle?

August 29th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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This week I had an interesting email about removing stickers from 10,000+ bicycles.


removing stickers from bicycles


It’s not everyday you get an email enquiry like this where you need to assist in such a big task so I’ll share with you our insights if you are in this situation (well in the situation of needing to remove stickers from a single bicycle)

Before you remove a sticker from a bicycle, you need to know the following high level overview of options. This is an extract from an email with a client we are helping find the best solution to take off the decals….

***** email extract to customer *****

Heat gun works, though generally fairly slow, unless the stickers are really new and come off easy. Not the fastest method


Whizzy Wheel will work on the frame (and not damage it), though as it’s a bicycle, it’s hard to tell as manufacturer’s paint quality varies (FYI – Whizzy Wheel works fantastically on factory finish car paint work)

The lacquerer may prove time consuming to remove the decals, and best to trial a few ideas.

Quick options 

1.       Trail a Whizzy Wheel. As a goodwill gesture, we will pay for the postage Note: we don’t recommend the Whizzy Wheel on plastic surfaces

2.       Buy a plastic scarper blade from your local hardware store. These range from a few dollars upwards. Plastic scrapers won’t damage the paint surface

3.       To clean the frames once the stickers has been removed, use some citrus degreaser to remove any left over adhesive


Now back to the question of removing bicycles stickers.



Protective Lacquer Coating

Most bicycles that are worth over say $1,000 generally have a lacquer coating. This is too protect the bicycle frame from the outdoor elements.

If your bicycle has a lacquer coating (you can tell by there is no lip/ or edge to the sticker), then no product will take the sticker off, until you remove the lacquer.

To remove the lacquer, you generally need a sharp blade such as a metal razor blade, to cut the lacquer to get access to the sticker.

Generally, the stickers are easy to remove once the sticker is exposed as the adhesive used is quite low strength. Usually a plastic scraper or even metal blade is enough to get the sticker off the bicycle frame.

If the sticker is larger and takes up the whole frame, you probably want something faster such as a whizzy wheel, though if you have some patience, a plastic blade will also do the job.

After you have taken off the sticker, it is recommended to reapply a clear lacquer coating to make sure the frame is protected from the weather. If you don’t, then the frame may be open to having rust build up


Bicycle Sticker on outside of Coating (or No Coating on frame)

This is a fairly straight forward job and no special tool is needed outside a basic razor blade or plastic scraper.

We don’t usually recommend a metal blade due to the ability to cut yourself and also damage the paint work, though we assume the paint work on your bicycle is not as “precious” as the paint work on your car.

Cleaning the Surface

If you use a blade (plastic or metal) to take off the sticker and not a Whizzy Wheel, there will usually be some adhesive or glue left on the surface.

This needs to be removed as otherwise it will acquire dirt and grime and look fairly unattractive. We recommend Citrus Degreaser or an environmentally friendly alternative is Eucalypts oil.

Note: if there is a sticker on a plastic part of the bicycle such as a mud guard, we do not recommend using a Whizzy Wheel as it can affect the plastic.

You also need to be careful using citrus degreaser on any plastic surface to clean an area where a sticker had been, due to it potentially affecting the plastic material. After about 5 minutes of Citrus Degreaser being left of some plastics, it can affect the surface.


Our speciality at www.decalstickerremover.com is removing stickers and decals from cars, trucks, glass surfaces and plastic signs.

We don’t often get enquiries to take off stickers from bicycles, though always open to helping our people who need assistance.

How we can Help

We have recently helped a few clients in scenario’s where 200+ vehicles and trucks needed stickers and decals removed and we supplied some trial wheels to prove it’s the best tool for bulk decal removal.

If you have a job coming up that needs a large number of stickers removed, please contact us via peter@pacificwebb.com.au

If you are just interested in learning about the best way to take off stickers or the best sticker removal tool, then also feel free to drop us a line.

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How to Remove Car Dealership Decals?

Welcome to the Car Decal Removal VIP Club!


Closing thoughts

Generally we find the majority of jobs that require stickers to be removed is fairly straight forward when the stickers have been on the surface less than 12 months.

Removing stickers from bicycles is slightly different due to the nature of having a lacquer applied in some situations.

As a guide, we recommend using

-          Non sharp items such as a plastic razor blade over a metal blade. Often a plastic scraper as shown below can be sourced from most hardware stores

-          Use a product to clean the surface once the decal has been removed. Otherwise dirt is attracted and sticks on the surface and can be much harder to remove later

-          If new stickers need to be applied, use soapy water to clean the surface, then wash with tap water to ensure the surface is clean and ready for the new sticker

 sticker remover

Great work on receiving the Blue Print Secrets for removing Decals and Stickers, the Easy Way

August 22nd 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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We have 20+ years experience in removing decals and stickers from cars, glass, trucks and even public signs… so if you have a question, please let us know via peter@pacificwebb.com.au

(we love helping people clear the world of unsightly decals so please let us know how we can help).

Okay – now the fun stuff.

What’s the best way to remove decals and stickers?

To answer this, we really need to understand what scenario you are trying to remove the Decal from. The reason being if you are removing a Sticker from a Car door, is different to removing it from a shopfront window.

Through the Decal Removal Blue Print we will also share with you video demonstrations showing what application works best, the best decal removal tools and what works best  for the different sticker removal scenario’s.

So let’s start at the top with the most common sticker removal situation


1.  Removing Car Decals and Stickers

  • Stickers that have been on the Car for more than 1 year
  • Stickers that have been on the Car for less than 1 year


This is the most common question I get asked each week is how do I get off these car decals, pin stripping or graphics from my car?

This really depends on how old the Decals have been on for.


Removing car Stickers that have been on the Car for more than 1 year


The good news is it’s possible. The downside is there is only 1 way that works

Car stickers that have been on the surface for more than 12 months can be tough to remove.

The reason for this is the molecular structure of the adhesive changes over time, especially if the car has been in the sun and bonds to the surface. (i.e the sticker really become baked on)

What this means is the car decal becomes bonded to the surface and often the decal cracks. This means the cheap and easy option to remove car decals of using a hair dryer does not work.

Using a hair dryer or heat gun to remove a decal works on the principle of heating up the decal and loosening adhesive/ glue. As the glue has become softer, it is expected that the  sticker can be peeled off.

Unfortunately as the sticker is old and bonded to the surface, especially if the car has been outside in the heat, the hair dryer option does not work, to remove car stickers.

Using the heat gun means only very small sections (the size of a quarter coin) of the sticker can be peel off.

This means in situations when the sticker has been on the car for more than 1 year, aa small job can take hours.

The below picture is a good example of a decal that has been on for a number of years and where a heat gun will not work


Baked on-decal


The way to remove Decals from a car, that has decals that have been on the surface more than 1 year is through the Whizzy Wheel.

Now this will be seen as a bias view, though it’s the only method that genuinely works for old baked on car stickers.

The reason it works is the Whizzy Wheel is made from soft rubber and works by wearing away the car sticker. This means regardless of how old the Decal is, it can still be removed.

The 2nd most common question we get is “will the Whizzy Wheel affect the paint on my car?”.

If your car has a factory finish paint job (i.e. not a respray), then the Whizzy Wheel will not affect that paint.

That said, we always recommend to test in a small discrete area first to check and give you peace of mind.

The easiest way to see how the Whizzy Wheel makes decal and car sticker removal an easy job, check out the below video



The good news today is that if your car has stickers that have been on for less than 1 year, there is a good chance that the standard household hair dryer or heat gun will remove the sticker.

The steps to follow are

  1. Clean the surface of the decal with a damp rag to ensure any mess or dirt is removed
  2. Turn on the hair dryer of heat gun and slowly heat up the car decal, moving the hair dryer back and forth at a distance of 6 – 10 inches (10 – 15 cm) from the surface
  3. As the sticker heats up, slowly start to peel the sticker off


You can tell if this method works, if you are able to get larger sections of the decal to peel off from the car.

If the sticker starts to break into smaller pieces, then the decal has already bonded to the surface and you’ll need the Whizzy Wheel.

The below video shows a successful car sticker removal job when using a heat gun/ hair dryer. You’ll notice the sticker comes off in relatively large sections which is often the sign of a car sticker that has been on the surface less than 12 months




The following options to remove a car sticker were not discussed for the following reasons:

  • Plastic razor blade: too slow for removing large areas of stickers. Not effective on old decals
  • Metal razor blade: potential to damage the paint work through scratching ruled out this method
  • Citrus Degreaser: only effective at removing adhesive and glue that has been left on the surface once a car sticker has already been removed




If you remove decals from a car, truck or bus, or any outdoor surface that has been out in the sun for a few years, then you will suffer from the GHOSTING effect.

What is the Ghosting effect?

When stickers are left on a surface such as a car, then the hot sun will slowly fade the paint work on the car. However, the paint work under the Sticker will remove looking brand new and fresh.

What this means is when the stickers are removed from car that has had them on for say 5+ years in the hot sun, then you’ll see a faint mark where the old sticker was.

This is due to the surface where the sticker has been removed from is a slightly different colour tone to the rest of the car. (i.e. the rest of the car has slightly faded)

The only option is this situation is using a lot of polish to try and make the surface colour look the same is by polishing the surface.

However, this still does not guarantee success in removing the GHOSTING effect.


2.  Removing Boat Decals and Stickers


Due to the nature of boats mainly being in salt water, the decals are bonded on extremely tightly to the surface. This makes them tough to remove and rules out most of the common methods.

You can try and use a hair dryer or heat gun, though we find that the Whizzy Wheel is the most effective tool to use, or potentially plastic razor blades in some scenario’s.

The approach to use is slightly different to a car, due to the different type of materials used in a boat. The scenario’s are:


  • Metal haul boat: the Whizzy Wheel will definitely work and have not impact on the surface, except for leaving a Sticker free boat
  • Fibre glass boat:
    • we recommend using caution here with the Whizzy Wheel as there has been a situation where the Whizzy Wheel marked the surface. We only have 1 recorded case, though recommend being caution
    • plastic razor blade: if the boat stickers are small, then a plastic razor blade is an option as won’t damage the surface or take too long. As fibre glass can be fragile, we don’t recommend metal razor blades


The below video shows a Wonder Wheel (the version before the Whizzy Wheel) removing boat stickers and decals very easily, which puts a smile on the boats owner having a sticker free boat



3.   Removing Decals and Stickers From Glass Window


This is a common situation, often when shop owners and retail shops need to remove stickers from the glass shop window.

The most common scenario’s is the store has sale that has ended and needs to remove the “sale stickers” or a new shop opens up and need the branding to be removed or has store advertising stickers need to be removed.

Even though this is a common situation, we rarely get questions about this as there is an easy option.

Using a Metal razor blade…

Now we don’t recommend the Metal Razor blade due to the potential to cut yourself, though it does easily remove stickers.

A better option is to buy either a plastic scraper of metal scraper from Home depot or Bunnings  with a wide blade. I recommend purchasing a scraper with a blade width of atleast 4 inches (10 cm’s).


Note: for the plastic scraper blades, usually the cheaper one (i.e. under $5), don’t have a sharp edge. We recommend paying a bit more, and getting a higher quality scraper, with a sharper edge that allows you to get under the edge of the decal to make it easier to take off.

The higher quality plastic scrapers can cost between $15 – 20’s.


plastic scaper


You’ll see below a classic example of a sale ending and the retail store needing to remove the advertising decals.

If you purchase a metal or plastic scraper, these jobs can be done in under 30 minutes as the Decals are relatively new (often less than a few months old) and the glass surface is flat which makes it easy to get under the sticker.

Note: on old windows, which can be quiet thin, we don’t recommend a metal scraper due to the potential of cracking the window with too much pressure


shop window stickers


The below video shows a plastic blade, that though not very wide, easily removes the stickers as it has a sharp plastic edge. This makes it easy to get under the lip of the sticker, making it easier to remove



4.   Removing Glass Frosting and Film


I can speak from personal experience that removing frosting from a house window is a fairly straight job (though removing the adhesive that was left over wasn’t much fun)

Frosting on windows is usually used for privacy reasons as it distorts what people outside can see in, though still provides a lot of sunlight


frosted window


In my home, I had used some film (that was not high quality) and within 1 year has bubbled and wrapped. (I didn’t expect my local hardware to stock low grade frosty).

The result was the frosting film needed to be removed and new film installed. To remove this film I used plastic scraper and took off the frosting within 10 minutes. The other tools available to use when removing frosted film are:

  1. Plastic scraper
  2. Metal scraper
  3. Finger nails
  4. Whizzy Wheel (only for commercial windows or thick residential windows)

Note: As our house window is quiet thin, we would not recommend using a whizzy wheel as the pressure you apply my cause cracking.

As the frosting film we used was not a high quality, unlike reputable brands such as 3M Vinyl  who provide frosting film, the film from the local hardware store didn’t even last one year before bubbling and losing it’s shape.

The result was a vast amount of adhesive was left on the surface window which was not easy to remove if used standard approach of metal/ plastic scraper, mentholated spirits, hot soapy water or household cleaning detergent.

Great success was had when we used a citrus degreaser such as available at Home Depot.

Over the years, we have found that citrus degreaser is clearly the best product to clean up surfaces when a sticker has been removed. It’s perfect for wiping away the left over adhesive and glue


5.   Removing Stickers or Decals from Bicycles or Motorcycles (motor bikes)


This is not a common question we receive, though some people have a need to take off a sticker from a motorcycle petrol tank or bicycle frame.

Bicycle frame: most bicycles have a clear lacquer around the frame which protects them from the weather and rust.

You can tell if your bicycle has a lacquer on the frame if you are unable to find a lip or edge on the sticker (note: the majority of road bicycles or bikes over $1,000 have a clear lacquer).


Bicycle sticker


Unfortunately in these situations, you can not remove the sticker unless you cut the lacquer which will then expose the frame to rust (unless you re-lacquer the area).

If you still want to remove the bicycle decal, then you can use a metal razor blade to cut the lacquer, peel off the sticker, then re-apply the lacquer to ensure you have a clean seal.

(I have not personally removed a bicycle sticker, though the following link may help in a sticker removal forum (note: a lot of people say respray the bike, use WD40 or Nail polish remover. The latter 2 won’t work if the bike has clear lacquer coating)

Motor Bike petrol tank: whether you have a road or dirt bike, we suggest only using a plastic razor blade to remove decals from your petrol tanks

(FYI – most road bikes have metal petrol tanks and dirt bikes often have a plastic petrol tank)

A plastic razor blade is recommended to avoid any potential scratching of the paint or cutting yourself.

You’ll also need to clean the petrol tank surface after the job to make sure the adhesive and any left over glue is remove, otherwise, riding your motor bike maybe not as comfortable as the adhesive will slightly stick to your pants.


6.   Removing Stickers or Decals from Wooden Basketball Court Floors


We have had one occasion where we helped a company remove advertising stickers from a basketball court. (and unfortunately it was not an NBA team)

Stickers generally come off fairly easily from wooden surfaces and would recommend

  1. Plastic scraper
  2. Metal scraper (only if a community basketball court, i.e. not a professional court in an arena)

Note: we don’t recommend a heat gun to remove stickers from a wooden basketball court as often the wood has a lacquer coating to protect it, and using a heat gun may affect the protective coating by slightly melting it.


We also would not recommend the whizzy wheel in case you take off the protective lacquer coating


basketball court stickers


7.   Removing Stickers or Decals from Public Signs


In Malaysia, they have a serious issue with people using stickers to advertise their products which are then stuck on street signs.

I had never heard of it until we helped out a customer with a Whizzy Wheel to help speed up the process of taking these sticker off street signs.

Often the removal of decals stuck onto public signs is outsourced to companies where the biggest driver is cost and getting the streets clean again.

In these situations, we would recommend using metal scrapers to take the stickers off the street signs. The main reasons are:

  1. It doesn’t matter if the street sign is slightly marked when the sticker is removed
  2. Cheap to buy


public street sign stickers


Now we have finished telling you the best ways to remove stickers, from all types of situation, let’s give you some bonus material.


Bonus Stuff:

How to clean the surface once your decal or sticker has been removed?

The bonus tip we can recommend is if you need to clean the surface once a sticker or decal has been taken off, is citrus degreaser such as sold by Home depot.

This is magic at getting rid of any left over grim, adhesive or glue. Generally, we recommend spraying it on the surface, leaving it for a few minutes, then wiping clean the surface.

Note: citrus degreaser is not suitable for plastic surfaces as can slightly damage the surface (i.e. it eats it away).

So Citrus Degreaser is a great cheap way to remove any adhesive, and usually only costs about $10 for a bottle. Make sure you have a nice ventilated area when using it and use rubber gloves or wash your hands thoroughly after use.


Our closing thoughts

Overall, the best sticker and decal removal tool is really dependent on the job. We have summarised our views in the “Best Sticker Removal Tools” table below.



Whizzy Wheel

Heat Gun

Metal Scraper

Plastic scraper

Metal razor blade

Cars – decal < 1 year old






Cars – decal > 1 year old












Glass windows






Frosted Windows


No (residential windows)



No (residential windows)



Bicycles/ Motor Bikes






Public Signs







If you need any assisting determining the best sticker removal tool or how the Whizzy Wheel can help you take off stickers and decals, then please contact us (peter@pacificwebb.com.au or + 61 421 001 613).

 We would love to help continue to the quest to remove the world of ugly and unsightly stickers

How to Remove Hard and Old Car Stickers Decals Easily?

August 9th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Often I hear people say that removing car decals and stickers is easy. Even one company who removes car stickers professional, informed me they use their finger-nails… ohhh no

Anyone serious about removing old baked on stickers from their car, that has been in the sun for years knows that using your finger nail just doesn’t work.

If your car sticker is brand new or less than 6 months old and you live in a mild climate (not Florida or Texas), then just maybe your fingernails can remove a car

However  for old stickers that are really baked on, there is only one solution…

The whizzy wheel

(now before we tell you about how easily the whizzy wheel takes off old and baked on car stickers that have been in the sun for years, you can try use another product that most households have)

hair dryer sticker removal

Yes – the trusty hair dryer or heat gun will take off a lot of car stickers that have not been baked on due to the hot sun…. the way work is by

  1. Heating up the decal or car sticker
  2. Loosening the adhesive that keeps the sticker stuck to the surface
  3. Slowly pulling off the sticker

That said, old car stickers that have been in the sun are usally cracked and split, so using a hair dryer doesn’t work very well as every time you go to peel of the sticker, it breaks

So now if you want the serious sticker removal tool that works on virtually all jobs (except plastic), then try the Whizzy Wheel.  It simply works by

  1. Attach it to a standard drill
  2. Turn on the drill to 2500 – 4000 rpm’s
  3. Slowly move the whizzy wheel across the old car sticker and watch it wear away

Because the whizzy wheel (the best sticker removal tool) is made from soft rubber it can be used on car’s, assuming it’s a factory finish paint job – with re-spray’s you never know the quality so best to test it first in a small area.

whizzy wheel ultimate sticker decal removal tool

(we always recommend to test the whizzy wheel in  small discrete area first so you can be happy with the results)

So the good news is that if you live in a really hot climate and have a car with really old baked on stickers, then they can definitely be removed.

Try the whizzy wheel and you’ll be amazed by the results (our 3,000+ customers worldwide are testimony to the success you will have removing the stickers)

The sticker removal video’s show’s how quickly the car stickers and window stickers can be removed

If you have any questions, we always love to help people easily remove their stickers, so contact me at peter@pacificwebb.com.au and we will give you our best advice (for free) on how to remove stickers for your scenario


(Chief Decal Removal Officer)

P.S for a tip today, if you want to remove off the old adhesive that could be left on the surface, then try Citrus degreaser. It’s a great product from Home Depot and works wonders in removing any left over residue and cleaning the surface

Note: if you want to put a new sticker back on your car, make sure you wash the surface clean as any left over citrus degreaser on the surface will make it hard re-apply the car sticker

How To Easily Remove Car Stickers in Minutes?

August 1st 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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The most common question I have received this week is…

“what is the easiest and fastest way to remove stickers from my car?”

After I reply with “the whizzy wheel easily removes stickers from your car”….  They ask

“well how long does the Whizzy wheel last?’

what is the easiest and fastest way to remove stickers from my car

So without debate, the whizzy wheel is definitely the easiest and fastest way to remove car stickers – so then people want to know, what do they get for their money?

Okay – the whizzy wheel comes at a cost, (unless you use your finger nails to remove the car sticker or decal and plan to spend all day on the job), I suggest $39 is a small cost to giving you your weekend back.

This week a customer purchased a whizzy wheel as his Poolwerx car is being re-brand, so new advertising and branded stickers needed to be added.

He was very caution about buying online and even called me beforehand to make sure we were an actual business.

To his relief, I informed him we have sold over 3,000+ sticker removal tools (whizzy wheel’s) over the years and get great customer feedback every week from happy customers.

How To Easily Remove Car Stickers in Minutes

Okay – so if you have a lot of car stickers and need to remove then in minutes, below is snapshot summary, using the whizzy wheel. (Please note: there are other ways to remove stickers from cars such as using a heat gun, hair dryer, plastic razor blade (not metal razor blade), citrus degreaser (to remove adhesive from the surface) or even your finger nails.

So to remove stickers in minutes, using the whizzy wheel is the fastest way. The simple steps are

  1. Get yourself a Whizzy Wheel (they are delivered in 2 – 5 days in you are in the USA or Australia. For other countries, it takes 8 – 11 working days
  2. Rip the whizzy wheel out of its beautifully designed box.
  3. Screw the arbor onto the whizzy wheel (the arbor comes with the whizzy wheel)
  4. Screw the whizzy wheel onto the your drill
  5. Turn on your drill for 2,000 – 4,000 rpm and apply pressure to the sticker and watch the sticker easily remove

The sticker removal video’s show’s how quickly the car stickers and window stickers can be removed with the whizzy wheel.

Generally a sticker, 12 inches by 12 inches can be done in under 10 minutes. Using your fingernails could take all day.

We always love helping people remove stickers and decals and we find the whizzy wheel is the best sticker removal tool on the market.

If you have any questions, we always love to help people easily remove their stickers, so contact me at peter@pacificwebb.com.au and we will give you our best advice (for free) on how to remove stickers for your scenario


(Chief Decal Removal Officer)

Remove car stickers for car owners based in Perth

July 25th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Now for those readers in the USA or Europe who have not visited Australia before, Perth is located in Western Australia and is known for it’s dry heat.

 perth boats

This has a big impact on car stickers as the dry heat, means car decals and stickers really get baked onto the car’s surface.

The result is that the car stickers become very hard to remove.

To give you some background, most car stickers can be easily removed if they are on the surface less than 12 months.

The reason being, is that the adhesive that keeps the sticker or decal on the surface, has not had the compound change and can still be easily removed – sometimes even with finger nails (though being a slow process).

The difference is when the heat builds up (over 30 degrees or 100 Fahrenheit such as in Perth or Arizona) for days on end and it actually changes the adhesive structure.

The car sticker become almost bonded to the surface and makes the sticker very hard to remove. Obvious signs of a sticker that has been on the surface for a long time is cracked stickers, or stickers where the edge has slightly moved in,.

If your car has these baked on stickers after being out in the sun, then there is still hope.

Your options to remove this old baked on decals are:

  1. Razor blade: we say NO as old stickers are hard to move and can easily result in the blade slipping and damaging your painted surface
  2. Plastic razor blade: unfortunately it won’t work on these old decals as it’s very difficult to get under the lip/ edge of the sticker to remove it
  3. Heat gun or razor blade: the good news is that this option can work, though takes longer. The reason being is that old stickers usually crack so using a heat gun is slow as this technique uses a peeling approach which works best on new decals
  4. Whizzy Wheel: definitely the best approach for removing old decals and car stickers that have been baked on as it works by wearing way the decal. As the whizzy wheel is made from soft rubber, it can be used on painted car surfaces and not damage the paint.

So if you live in Perth or a hot climate that makes removing stickers from your vehicle harder, then please contact us so we can help

We also recommend using a product like citrus degreaser that is great for removing any left over residue from the surface on your car. Often the older car stickers, leave more adhesive on the surface that can be removed easily by spraying on some citrus degreaser

Note: if you want to re-apply a new sticker on your car, make sure you thoroughly wash your car as the new sticker will not adhere to the surface if there is any degreaser left over.

Before we head off, we always love to hear your questions or comments about the best way to remove sticker and decals, learning about new sticker removal tools or just generally removing the world of unsightly stickers – so feel free to drop us a line at peter@pacificwebb.com.auIf you need assistance



Chief Decal Removal Officer


P.S for those in the USA – we sell the whizzy wheel via amazon and offer free delivery, 

What’s the Best Sticker Removal Tool?

July 17th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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This week’s Sticker removal blog is all about understanding your situation and how best to remove stickers. I have outlined a few scenario’s where we can answer your question of “what’s the best sticker removal tool”.


To make it easy we have listed out the scenario’s for people who need help in removing stickers from either a car, truck, RV, window or campervan.

Please yell out “help me remove stickers” if you are in any of the following situations

  • Need to remove an old sticker from your RV before taking a vacation?
  • Want to buy a 2nd hand car from a car dealer and there is an old baked on sticker or decal that needs to be removed before purchase
  • Shop window has old marketing or branding and those stickers need to be removed
  • Your companies brand has changed and need to take off old car advertising stickers from the car and vehicle fleet
  • Bought a delivery van or courier truck with another companies logo and those stickers need to be removed
  • OR if in Malaysia, have a serious problem with sticker graffiti and needs to remove stickers and decals from public street signs, seats and windows
  • Own a race car team (or NASCAR team) and want to change the stickers to the new car advertising sponsors.

OK, now we have determined the different scenario’s you have for removing stickers, let’s look at the best options.


The best sticker removal options, really comes down to the best type of sticker removal tool. I have put it in table format and listed them from most expensive to cheapest, in terms of purchase price, but have not considered the value of your own time*.






Whizzy Wheel Sticker removal tool

$39 +shipping

Fastest way to remove large stickers and decals

Best method for really old baked on stickers

Works on most surfaces (except plastic)



Not good for plastic


Plastic razor blades

$15 – 20 + shipping

Great for small delicate jobs like bicycle helmets

Great for plastic surfaces

Slow and not good for large areas

Citrus degreaser (see Home Depot)


Great at clearing up the surface and removing left over adhesive

Doesn’t actually remove the sticker or decal.


Hair Dryer


Works well on newer decals

Low cost

Doesn’t work well on older decals that have been baked on


The majority of Decals and Stickers, even the really old baked on ones, that first appear hard to remove can easily be taken off with the right tool

If cost is not an issue, then the Whizzy Wheel is definitely the fastest and easiest way to remove stickers.

If cost is high on your agenda, then try a hair dryer or heat gun to take off the sticker, however, it generally only works well on newer stickers, that have been on the surface 12months or less



(*Note: your own time has not been included in the cost of different sticker removal tools as the assumption is that the article is read by people who will remove decals and stickers in their own time and not part of a sticker removal business. If you are a professional car detailer or someone who removes stickers and decals as a professional service, then the Whizzy Wheel is definitely the fastest ways to remove decals)

** Assume you or your partner has a hair dryer or heat gun in the house or garage. Otherwise, they range from $20 – 100



Car Decal Removal A Breeze With Whizzy Wheel

July 9th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Your vehicle is your pride, but those stickers and decals over it are not looking too good, and you want to get rid of them. Of course there was a time your decals were the talk of the town. But not now – the decals and stickers are looking dull after losing their texture. So you want to give your vehicle a spruced up look by fighting declas.

But after having tried numerous methods to remove car decals and stickers, such as gasoline, soapy water, metal blades, and chemical formulations, you are feeling frustrated as car decal removal is taking too long, draining you of resources and energy. With Whizzy Wheel, you no longer have to struggle with traditional methods of car sticker removal. This easy-to-use tool allows you to remove decals quickly within a few minutes with little effort.

How Does Whizzy Wheel Work?

The easiest and fastest car decal removal tool is made from specially designed soft rubber that makes it safe for use on all surfaces, including on walls, trucks, cars, and floors, among other areas. The Whizzy Wheel works equally great on the hardest of decals that have been baked over for years. However, avoid using the wheel on plastic surfaces.

Compared to other alternatives that would take your entire day to remove decals, Whizzy Wheel does the work within 15-20 minutes, without require any great effort or special skill on your part. What’s more, you do not need any specific tools or chemicals for removing toughest and hardest decals with Whizzy Wheel.

What’s So Great About Whizzy Wheel?


Some decal removal chemicals can ruin the surface and make it look unattractive. Of course you do not want to distort the surface of your favorite vehicle. Fortunately, this is not the case with this wonder wheel, which is an innovation in decal sticker removal technology. Designed for high-speed removal of car decals, vinyl, graphics, and molding tape, Whizzy Wheel can work equally well on

  • painted surfaces, including side panels, car doors and windows, without scratching or damaging urethane paint or acrylic enamel.
  • the back of moldings, removing glue and adhesive tapes
  • glass and OEM painted surfaces to remove pinstripes, decals, reflective tapes, and bumper stickers

Car sticker removal with Whizzy Wheel saves you time, efforts, and energy.

Who is this Product for?

As a fast and time saving method of decal sticker removal, Whizzy Wheel is the best product for use for:

✓  Car Dealerships: If you are a car dealer, you often trade in cars and find decals and stickers on the vehicle.  The sight of decals is unpleasing to you. But worry not, Whizzy Wheel will quickly eliminate the backed-on ugliness from your car and spruce up the vehicle, giving it a new look!

✓  Second-Hand Car owners: If you have purchased a second-hand car, you may want to remove that sticker or decal on the rear window. Get your hands on the Whizzy Wheel and you will never have to worry about those old unsightly decals.

✓  Bodyshops: More often, smash repairers are required to remove car decals before repairing scratches and dents.

Whizzy Wheel is an ultimate car decal removal tool that will whiz away toughest and hardest stickers 25% quicker than other methods. Not only this, it is three times more durable compared to other sticker removal alternatives and lasts longer.

How To Use Whizzy Wheel?

Using this revolutionary tool for car decal removal is simple and takes only a few minutes to remove stickers and decals. All you need to do is

✓  unpack it

✓  attach the wheel with the Arbor

✓  connect it to a drilling machine

✓  turn on the drill

✓  move it back and forth over the decals

And that’s it!

Whizzy Wheel effectively loosens the cellular matter that has been keeping the sticker or decal indefinitely stuck. It can work wonders in removing impossible-to-remove decals, vinyl, and stickers, though it is not recommended for use on plexi-glass, lacquer paints, acrylic, non-OEM finished surfaces, and soft plastic substrates. While other alternatives leave a sticky adhesive substance behind while removing stickers, which looks odd and doubles your efforts, the Wonder Wheel speedily removes majority of the adhesive while leaving no stains/scratches behind.

 Benefits of Using Whizzy Wheel

Decals change the look of a vehicle. But over a period of time, they start to lose their old-world charm, texture, and glamour, requiring you to make efforts to remove them carefully so that you do not end up distorting the surface. With Wizzy Wheel, removing car decals is a breeze. Here are a few benefits of using Wizzy Wheel:

✓  Increased width

When Whizzy Wheel works on the surface, there is more rubber contact, which quickly removes the decal.

✓  New design

Whizzy Wheel is an innovation in the field of car decal removal. The latest design cuts grooves into the circumference, thus reducing heat build-up.

✓  Larger rubber diameter

Compared to the older alternatives, the Whizzy Wheel is bigger and works faster, so you get your money’s worth.

✓  Cooler

Whizzy Wheel effortlessly eliminates most-stuck on stickers at about 4000 RPM, thanks to its flow-more groove technology that allows for easy escape of the heat.

When using power tools, such as Whizzy Wheel, always wear proper protective gear to stay on the safer side. The revolutionary tool works best at 1500 – 3000 rpm. Make sure you apply light pressure and let the wheel do the work. When you begin the sticker or decal removal job, start at the top of the decal and gradually move from one side to another. The best way to use the tool is to utilize the entire width of the wheel, which uses a plastic blade and is designed for smaller surfaces to wipe out decals without affecting the surface.

Discover The Magic of Decal Removal With A Single Flick With Whizzy Wheel

Wonder Products has come up with Whizzy Wheels as the perfect solution for dealing with vinyl signs, decals, and stickers. Whizzy Wheel uses rubber and plastic, which are gentle on the surface and make decal removal a cakewalk. Not only this, being chemical-free this wonder wheel is safe for use on a variety of surfaces and can work on small and larger spaces to remove car decals, stickers or vinyl signs, without gouging, scratching or scuffing the surface.

It’s that time of year…. Warmer months and time to remove car stickers and decals?

July 3rd 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Now you can tell when it’s getting warmer in Texas and Florida (and yes both places have lovely weather most of the year), as we always get a big spike in late spring about enquiries on how to remove car stickers and decals.

Now before we gone through the best ways to remove stickers, (as we have over 20+ years of family experience), I am trying to give my reason why there is a spike in decal removal questions. My guesses are:

-  Summer is on the way and people want to make their car, truck, RV, campervan, SUV or 2nd hand car look great – hence need to take off car decals

-  Spike in 2nd hand car sales as people feeling happy that warmer months are on the way. Often 2nd hand cars (from the 1990’s and 1980’s have old car decals, pin stripping down the side of them)

-  Vacation time: families and retirees (using 401K savings) want to make the RV and Campervan look fantastic and hence remove the decals or stickers from the side of the vehicle

-  Hitting the Lake for summer: people taking vacations and want to make the boat look smart so removing old decals – mostly old registration stickers

So regardless if I have guessed the reason you need to take off a decal or sticker…

Below are The Best Approaches, Depending on The Surface and Material

  1. Metal Razor blade: big RED flag. Only use as a last resort for glass surfaces and never on painted surfaces. Yes it’s cheap, but easily scratches the paint work and can cut yourself, making for a messy job
  2. Heat gun or hair dryer: these do work and often a cheap option. From our tests over the years, the hair dryer works on new car stickers (less than a few years old – and only if not baked on from the hot sun). The downside is if the decal is cracked, you can not easily peel it off. The best way is to test it out with your hair dryer. Heat the decal up for a few minutes, then try and slowly peel off the sticker
  3. Citrus degreaser: great at removing adhesive or any left over residue on the surface, though not very useful at actually taking of a sticker. We recommend to use this to clean the surface once the sticker has been removed. Usually a gallon drum is under $15 so it’s fairly well priced
  4. Whizzy Wheel: definitely the fastest way to remove a sticker from any vehicle, though does cost around $39… the upside is it will get the job very fast and is the only solution we have found that works on old baked on decals. Usually people who have tried option above without success, contact us to use the Whizzy Wheel to get off those really hard to remove decals. It’s also used by professionals and car detailers who have large jobs to complete.

(we recently helped out a company who had over 200 cars in their fleet who needed the stickers and decals removed from them and the Whizzy Wheel worked amazingly well)

In summary, if you are looking for a car decal removal tool or a tool to remove car stickers, then the whizzy wheel is by far the best product on the market.

We also love having happy customers, so if you have any questions, please email us at peter@pacificwebb.com.au or use the live chat button at the bottom of the screen for an instant response to your decal and sticker removal questions


Chief Decal Removal Officer

How to Remove Car Fleet Decals

May 30th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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How to Remove Car Fleet Decals

One of the great feelings I get each week is when I receive calls from people who need to remove decals and stickers.

Last week I received a call from John who need to remove decals from 800+ cars across his fleet of energy vehicles.

(FYI – the goods news that these are not car wraps that need to be removed, rather medium sized stickers that are 2 x 1 feet. Each vehicles has 3 – 4 decals)

So how do you tackle a job that requires 800+ vehicles in a car fleet, to be removed of decals?

Approach – A

The first step is you need to understand how big the job is.

One approach is to take stock of the cars and pick-up trucks that have decals on them, count up the number of those cars and determine how many decals are on each auto.

If there are different size cars that you need to remove decals from, then you can take the medium (average).

Once you have done the math, in this case you will probably need a calculator, we suggest you do a test run on two different vehicles to time how long it takes to remove the decals from the car.

Further down we have provided four different approaches to removing the decals.

After you have removed the decals from the 2 cars, if they took a similar amount of time, then you can use the average and multiply this out across your car fleet to determine the total time.

We find if there is a big difference between the time it took to remove the decals from car 1 and car 2, assuming there is approximately the same amount of decals, then we suggest you be conservative and use the time it took the longer amount for

That or you can try do a 3rd car and see how long that one took


Often when people remove decals, they forget to factors in the time it takes to remove any left over adhesive.

We suggest to also include an additional 15% in time as there are always some decals that take alot long to remove.

Ground rules

It’s always good to know who installed the decals as when high quality decals are used, they are much easier to take off.

The reason is that a consistent and standardized adhesive is used, that doesn’t cement on the surface as if it’s designed to last 1000 years.

The best quality stickers and vinyl are generally manufactured by Avery and 3M and are designed to not leave much adhesive or residue on the surface when the decal is removed.

That said, both 3M and Avery do manufacture lots of different vinyl and decals products where some have very strong adhesive and are not designed to be applied to cars.

Hence it’s helpful to know the type of Decal brand that has been used

Testing the best method to remove the Fleet Car Decals

We always recommend to our customers to test different options for removing decals from their cars.

It’s also a good idea to test in a small discrete area first to make sure the technique you use, does not affect the painted surface.

From our experience, we are 100% confident that the Whizzy Wheel is the fastest method to remove car decals, though it always help that the customer witnesses this first, hand, rather than is told this

Your Five options are:

  1. Decals that appear on Glass: If the car decal is only on the glass (not painted surfaces) you can try use a metal razor blade. I wouldn’t recommend this for large jobs as you might end up hurting yourself by cutting your finger or hand
  2. Plastic razor blade: this definitely works on painted surfaces and is safe. However, due to the small size of blades, we only recommend it for very small jobs
  3. Heat gun: this works quite well for newer decals. I suggest any decal that is less than 2.5 yers old, using heat can work well. Around the 2.5 year mark, the decal begins to crack and the adhesive bonds to the decals which makes it harder to remove from the car’s surface.
  4. Whizzy Wheel: this is the fastest and quickest way to remove large car decals. It works by wearing away the decal and is especially good at removing large decals and adhesive
  5. Adhesive remover: products like Goo-Gone and citrus degreaser work well in removing the goo or adhesive that is left on the surface once the Decal has been removed, but is not effective at removing the decal from the car

 Video demonstrations of different appr0aoches to remove car decals

1. Metal Razor Blade

 2. Plastic razor blade


3. Heat gun

4. Whizzy Wheel

5. Adhesive remover

Approach – B

After the fun and games of testing different methods to remove the car decals, counted up the number of cars with decals to remove, plus worked out the average number of decals per car, then it’s time to get to work.

We have found using 3rd parties for removing car decals are okay if the vehicle is going to have the decals replaced.

The reason being, these 3rd party contractors tend to do cheap and rushed jobs and don’t remove all the adhesive from the cars surface.

This is passable if the surface is going to be covered up again by new decals, but not good, when the surface will be left clean

Bonus TIP

If it’s your job to take off a large number of decals, you may not have had a say in how they are applied….. sometimes you get the rough end of the stick

In case you did have a say, or potentially in put in the future, do NOT use 3M Primer 94 to ensure the decal edges are stuck down

In the past, there was a myth that using this means the edges are sealed properly and that water won’t get under the decal edges.

That is not true

If you have  professional install the decal, then you don’t need to use 3M Primer. It’s a lazy mans way of installing a car decal

What happens is when the 3M primer is used it makes it very hard to take off the decal and leaves alot of residue on the surface.

If someone uses 3M Primer for applying a car decal, they are just cutting corners and trying to speed up the job.

The exception

The only time this rule doesn’t apply is when applying a Decal to a water vessel or baot. Sometimes 3M Primer is used to seal the edges as the Decal can be submerged of under constant sea and fresh water

We hope this article answers your question about removing and taking off car decals from a fleet of cars, and also assisted at looking at the different options you have.

We always love helping people remove decals, so please let us know how we can help


Chief “Decal Removal” Officer

P.S – we have recently helped alot of people in the United States, Australia, Texas and California  remove car decals. We even got a questions from Tasmania about car fleet decal removal so always welcome to your questions