Removing a Car Dealership Decal

April 18th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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The most common question I have been receiving this month is how to order viagra 1 get rid of old car dealership decals.

These are usually the old car decal that sits across the back windscreen or back panel of your car with some cheesy tagline such as the best one I saw (and I think it was a joke)

“”Big Dave’s Car Lime Dealership – Our cars are almost as good as lemons”

So putting aside the cheesy car slogans, when you need to get rid of these old car dealership Decals I can suggest three approaches:

  1. Dealership Decal is on the window: it’s a cheap method, though using a metal razor blade (that has a holder) will get rid of most decals. It’s not ideal and you need to generic cialis pills erection be careful as it’s easy to cut your fingers, though it does the job
  2. New Car Dealership Decal (i.e. less than 6 – 12 months old): a hair dryer will usually work in most of the situations and also a cheap alternative. The hair dryer won’t usually work on viagra canada cost coverage the older decals as they will be glued/ moulded to the surface after being out in the heat
  3. Whizzy wheel: yes, these work fantastically, though does come with a cost, unlike the options above

To help those people out who want to see how a hair dryer can remove a car decal, I have included a video below. I found this on youtube and works really well in this situation.



If you know of 5sildenafil cialis generico an interesting car dealership decal slogan that made you laugh, please share it with us.


Chief “decal removal” officer

P.S – for anyone who lives in Florida or knows someone who has a car dealership in Florida, please let me know if you cars are having a state wide sale on 2nd hand cars in April as we have been getting a lot of enquiries from you guys this April on removing car dealership decals.

Removing Decal from Pick-Up Truck

April 7th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Sometimes you get lucky – Removing Ford Pickup Truck Decals.

Now guys, most of the blogs, video’s and emails we share on Decal removal show how difficult and hard the job can be…. partly because this is what it’s like most of the time.

However, sometimes there is a silver lining in the story and you get a feel good truck decal removal story where a Decal comes off so easily, like this example in the below video.

Now you may think we at Decal HQ are a bit whacky showing jobs like these, but we found this youtube video and wanted to share that sometimes you do get Lucky.

In the below video, the guy also applies the wheel to the surface for a few seconds, then is able to remove the rest of the decal on the truck.

My view on this is that the pickup truck decal is almost brand new. This is an assumption and why it came off so easily.

If this is the case, you could probably have used a hair dryer or a plastic razor blade to get under the lip of this decal and easily remove it.


There probably won’t even be any left over adhesive in this case as the decal came off so easily. If there was, you could use some citrus degreaser from your local Home Depot to take off the adhesive or use Eucalyptus oil if like a natural product.

So if anyone else has a decal removal story for their pick up truck, please share it with us and I am presuming it would not have been as easy as the one above.


Chief “decal removal” officer

P.S – we are getting alot of people from texas asking how to remove decals from their pick-up trucks. As of March / April 2014 are there any major events or shows that would be requiring Texans to remove the decals from their Ford trucks?

I don’t know of anything and maybe it’s coming into Autumn and summer months that people want to remove their old decals and make the pick up trucks look nice and clean

Removing a Boat Decal – Florida area

April 4th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Florida Boat Decal removal tips – our ideas and boat decal removal rvideo footage

Now I am about as sea worthy as a boat with holes in it. I get sea sick just looking at a wharf.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or too about removing boat decals and stickers

I was recently on a boat forum helping answer some questions about removing registration numbers from boats based out of Floria.

Now for the put of answering how best to remove these boat decals, I won’t discuss whether boat registration decals need to be removed before selling. Check out the boat forum for that one.

What I can say is there are 2 types of ways to remove decals from a boat.

If you do need to remove the boat decals, I can recommend either

1. Steel hull – using rubber wheel like the whizzy wheel that easily removes the boat decals (if it’s a fibreglass hull, definitely need to test the surface first)

2. Fibreglass hull – try using a plastic razor blade from ebay However, once the salt water gets on a decal, it makes it much harder to remove

That said, if you watch the below video, the man is using a rubber wheel to remove the decals that appears to be working quite wheel.

In either case, I would always test removing the decal in small test area first to check whether the fibreglass is affected. Most of the time it works fine, though best to check as every surface is different.

I found this boat removal decal video online and did a voice over explaining how the decals removal tool works

We used to sell the same decal removal tool as this (wonder wheel), though now replaced it with the whizzy wheel.

If we can help any boat owners in Florida, or even the in the magnificent USA, please let me know your questions, and I’ll give you my best insights into removing decals from boats (or cars)


Chief “Decal Removal” Officer

Whizzy Wheel Xmas Party – 2013 from New York

April 2nd 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Today’s blog maybe have a little self interest involved as we will be reliving the magical 2013 whizzy Wheel Xmas party in New York.

Traditionally, since 2011, the Whizzy Wheel founder and closest aides get together during December for a fun evening out.

No word of car decals being removed or boat stickers being taken off the side of boats….

None of that talk just for one evening……

 The theme of each year has always been a point of contention. Some thought it would relate to our business and people would come dressed as a decal, a sticker or maybe even a citrus degreaser to take off the old adhesive.

The first Whizzy Wheel Christmas party set the tone, with the theme being “come as your favourite online product”. The crew really got involved as you can see from the 2011 pictures

Whizzy Wheel Xmas Party 2011

Whizzy Wheel Xmas Party 2011











For that night, the best dressed went to Sef and Tenika who came as pilot and air-host from Emirates Airlines – well 1970′s style…

The second Whizzy Wheel Christmas party almost ended in despair when I just made the party due to a late flight cancellation, flying from Melbourne to Sydney. The theme that year was “tropical living” with a few extended invites to Legal counsel (Philip Clark) and David Green.

The evening was fantastic, though the selection of Karaoke songs was poor – or maybe that was the singing talent.

Whizzy Wheel Xmas Party 2012

Whizzy Wheel Xmas Party 2012










In 2013, Whizzy Wheel moved part of its operation to New York to take on the mean decal removal of Manhattan.

We had a fantastic time and setup distribution points in the USA to send out decal removal tool across the United States. Which is great as we find the biggest demand from our customer to remove car decals comes from Florida and Texas…..

The party theme in 2013 was come as your favourite American landmark. It was a smaller crowd and enjoyed the Japanese Food of the east village. The annual awards were given out with some enjoying their gifts more than others

Whizzy Wheel Xmas Party 2013

Whizzy Wheel Xmas Party 2013










So onto 2014 Christmas part with lots of Decal removal ahead and celebrations in Decembers


How to Remove Car Dealership Decals – Best 3 Ways!

March 31st 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Well it maybe the changing of the season or just people buying more cars with Car dealership stickers

This week I have had a few enquiries on how to remove the decals that are left on the back window when purchasing a car.

Now before I tell you the 4 easiest ways, I was told by a friend, and surprisingly didn’t realise this, that by not removing the car dealership sticker, the Car Dealership gets free advertising…. not bad. I would be happy to keep the dealership sticker on if I got a paid an advertising fee each month!

Okay enough of the distractions.

There are 3 basic ways to remove a car dealership decal

  1. The easy way, though potentially dangerous. If the dealership decal is only on the glass (not the paint) then using a standard metal razor will work. We strongly urge you to be very careful here not to cut your hand or fingers and to also make sure you have a metal case/ holder that surrounds the blade
    1. If the dealership sticker is only small and on a painted surface, you can also try using a plastic razor blade. Using a plastic razor blade from ebay can be a slower process though definitely saf
  2. Fastest way – the Whizzy wheel is definitely the fastest way and the below video shows it works really quickly in removing decals. The video showing car decals being removed (and a dealership decal) shows it works best on bigger jobs. Truck owners and RV owners really love it. That said, if it’s only a small decal, then probably the heat gun as described in point 3 will work

Using the whizzy wheel to remove a car dealership decal

 3. Heat gun or hair dryer – this method definitely works and I will add 1 caveat. Using this technique really works well on removing new car dealership decals, though not as good on older decals. The reason being, older decals tend to bond to the surface and crack, hence not being easy to peel off. That said, if you watch the below video, it works pretty well


Using a heat gun to remove a car dealership decal


 If you have any questions about removing car dealership decals, please contact me on We love to help you out and rid the world of unsightly decals


Remove Truck Decals

March 28th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Today’s Blog is an email (with names removed) of a champ who had to remove Decals from his 53 foot trailer and Cab.

We are looking forward to helping him out as this is a big job but also provides a great opportunity to help out a customer to remove truck decals

Dear Semi Trailer Decal Removalist (not his real name(,

Great pictures you sent through – you have quite the decal job ahead of you. The good news is we can help and I have also provided some information below.

The Whizzy Wheel is definitely the fastest way to remove truck decals, especially big ones like in your truck picture. As they have been on for around 10 years, it will take a bit off effort to get rid of them due to the weather making them also bond to the surface over the years

I’ve included a few points below that may help with your job

  1. Advice to help the job: If there is any adhesive left on the surface after removing the decals, try the following citrus degreaser from Home Depot ( Costs about $12 and really helps clean the surface
  2. Advice to help the job: start on the outside of the decal and work your way in. This way the edges of the decal will come off first and help the job
  3. Paint colour: the paint under the decal maybe slightly brighter and the outside area look faded as the paint work has been protected from the sun. This is referred to a “ghost” appearance as you maybe able to see where the prior decal was, as the paintwork exposed to elements may have slightly faded

There are some other options you might want to try such as:

  1. Hot air gun: this can work, but generally find better suited to new decals (as older ones are more brittle and need to be worn off)
  2. If any of the surfaces aren’t painted or on glass, you can try a metal razor blade in a scraper. Definitely don’t use on painted surface and be very careful of cutting yourself













We also provide a complete 100% money back guarantee to remove any risk when purchasing and also because we are so confident with the results

FYI – if you are interested in ordering, we have a special this week with free shipping via visiting

I say one wheel will do the front cab, though you probably need a few for the trailer. However, it’s really hard to judge until you test the wheel on the surface as sometimes they come off very easily and others times, especially when older, they take a lot more effort



Welcome to the Car Decal Removal VIP Club

March 26th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Dear Decal Removalist (expert soon to be),

We have got some exciting news today and wanted to share it with you on this great Monday!

Okay, so the exciting stuff is we have opened a VIP Whizzy Wheel Club and you have made this list… hoorah…. some good news to start the week.

So what does this get you. (you maybe thinking free flights, entry to the top restaurants….?)

Well you get two cool bonuses:

1) Free delivery on all future Whizzy Wheels – as long as you are living in the USA or Australia. All you need to do is visit this page to take advantage of the offer

2)VIP Whizzy Wheel card: an electronic version with your name on it will be sent on your next order and if you can send us a headshot, we will also add that to the card (and no, these can not be bought on the black market or eBay, if you are asking)

Example Whizzy Wheel VIP Card – Your name will be added to this cool card










I understand that sometimes, the decal or sticker removal job may have been a once off and if so, we really hope you got a great result…. if so, that’s awesome.

And before we head off, we always like to give you a bit of bonus Decal removal education:

  1. An environmentally friendly adhesive remover that works wonders and friendly to the environment is Eucalyptus oil. This works very well on car surfaces that have had a decal removed.
    1. If you can’t find a store that stocks Eucalyptus oil, then your local Home Depot or Bunnings (hardware store will usually stock adhesive remover)
    2. When removing a large car or RV decal, always start from the edge of a Decal and work your way towards the centre. This is the quickest way to get the job done
    3. Bonus Tip: if possible, always be nice to your mother.

And in-case you haven’t seen out latest Decal movie production video – you can check us out in removing some car decals below


Again, we love having fun at Whizzy Wheel Headquarters in decal and sticker removal, so please let us know if you have any questions or ways we can help


Chief “Decal Removal” Officer

P.S Before we go, just wanted to let you know we really value your business as being a repeat customer is really important to us and makes us do extra Whizzy Wheel dance every Friday afternoon before we break for the weekend.


Graffiti removal – Removing Graffiti decals

March 20th 2013 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Graffiti removal – a new way to remove Graffiti

We received a different enquiry this week, rather than our usual emails and calls on how to remove decal and stickers

This call was from a local Sydney based council that needed to remove graffiti. Initially I thought we would not be able to help as I associate Graffiti with vandals using permanent marker pens and spray cans, defacing public and private property.

Well – there is a new kind of graffiti….

Apparently the new breed of graffiti artists can develop new artwork and designs on their computers and turn this into stickers and decals to be plastered on public property. It shows how much technology plays a role in our lives these days

So these homemade, so called artwork stickers and decals, that need to be removed, are being put on public property such as bus shelter windows, shop front windows, street signs and sometimes even public buses… the end result is the local council needs a fast way to remove these unwanted decals and stickers.

Currently the approach to remove these stickers is via metal razor blades which is not a good approach. We don’t recommend metal razors for decal removal as they have the following pitfalls

1. Dangerous: it’s easy for the user to cut themself. This is a bad process as it

  • The user is injuried and can be off work for a day or to
  • Inefficient, if the user is injuried, the job is delayed
  • Slow, metal razor blades has a narrow blade edge so is slow to remove decals

2. Potentially damage the surface if it’s painted

The good news is we have been able to help out the local council help remove the stickers and decals through a faster and easier method.

We have recommended the following approach for the council to quickly remove the unwanted graffiti stickers

  1. Larger stickers and decals: use the Whizzy Wheel to remove decals from surfaces such as sides of buses, glass windows, street signs. It’s the fastest tool and connects to a standard drill
  2. For stickers and decals to be removed from plastic surfaces: use the Miracle Blade. This is a large 4” wide (10cm) plastic blade, specifically designed to remove stickers from delicate surfaces. (please email as this product is about to be launched.

FYI – a tip to remove any left over adhesive from where the decal or sticker has be taken off. Use citrus degreaser to clean the surface. It really works well ant taking off the goo and sticky resin that maybe left on the surface once the decal has been removed.

Good luck removing those unwanted graffiti stickers

P.S below is a link to a video demo of the whizzy wheel removing decals via youtube


Graffiti Decal - Needs to be removed

Graffiti Decal - Needs to be removed

How do you remove car stickers?

March 15th 2013 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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How do you remove car stickers?

The most common enquiry we receive each week is “how do you remove car stickers?”.

This isn’t due to the increase in those family car stickers that people are now starting to remove, rather the question arises when people purchase a 2nd hand car and want to remove car stickers that they don’t like.

Removing car stickers is also common in the fleet car industry when a fleet of sales cars are sold to private consumers, the prior advertising and corporate stickers need to be removed from the car.

The other car sticker people want to remove, is the car dealership sticker that needs to be removed after being left on the back window.

The majority of our customers purchase the Whizzy Wheel to remove car stickers as we find it’s the fastest and easiest way to remove decals, as highlighted by the below video

For those looking at alternate options, then we can suggest the below options

  1. Hot air gun or hair dryer: one of the most common and simple ways to remove a decal. The only downside is it doesn’t work very well on removing old baked on car stickers. If the sticker is very old and brittle, then we recommend the whizzy wheel as the best option to take off car stickers
  2.  Adhesive removers such as Citrus degreasers: these are better are removing the adhesive left on the surface, rather than taking off car stickers. The reason they don’t aswell, is the chemical can’t penetrate the sticker.
  3.  Razor blades: Metal razor blades are okay for windows, though definitely not to be used to remove car stickers on painted surfaces. We always recommend a plastic blade such as the Wonder Blade to remove small or hard to get to car stickers that need to be removed

Below is an example of car that has many car stickers that need to be removed

How do you remove car stickers

How do you remove car stickers

How do you remove car stickers?

March 11th 2013 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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One of the most common email questions we receive is: “how do you remove car stickers?”

The good news is that we are specialist in removing car stickers so have a few solutions. Below are a few suggestions, depending on your budget and application.

1. How to remove car stickers that are old and baked on from the sun

In this situation, if the sticker is more than 5 years old and been in the sun a long time, then the only real option that works is the Whizzy Wheel. The reason being, when stickers are left in the sun for years, it fuses to the surface and becomes brittle. Using fingers nails, razors or heat guns do not work very well as the sticker only comes off in very little bits

The Whizzy Wheel is definitely the best option here

The Whizzy Wheel works well on painted car surfaces, glass or metal surfaces. However, we don’t recommend it on soft plastic surfaces. It’s the best way we know to answer the question we receive by so many prospective customers, how do you remove car stickers?

2. How to remove car stickers from car windows or glass (that aren’t baked on)

Here you have a few options as the surface is not painted so you can either use

a. Metal razor blade: we recommend getting a metal razor blade holder as if you slip, then it’s easy to cut yourself. Having blood and a cut finger is not good for anyone. Note: we strongly recommend against using a metal razor blade on plastic surfaces as it’s very easy to scratch the surface and ruin the paint work

b. Heat gun or hair dryer: these work okay, though usually take longer and slower than using a product like the Whizzy Wheel. The upside is there is no cost if you have a hair dryer handy.

Asking to borrow the hair dryer from your wife or girlfriend may raise a few eye brows

3. Plastic surfaces: the only product we recommend for removing stickers from plastic surfaces is the Wonder Blade. The Wonder Blade that is made from soft plastic so won’t damage the surface. The blade is pointed and sharp enough to get under the surface of the sticker and easily remove it

A free Tip to help remove car stickers!

Often once a sticker has been removed from a car, there is adhesive left over. There are a couple of ways to easily remove this adhesive

  1. Environmentally friendly way: use a product like Eucalyptus oil that easily removes the sticky adhesive that can sometimes be left on the surface
  2. Heavy duty option: use a product like citrus degreaser that is available from Home Dept that makes removing any leftover adhesive easy

We have also included a video below of the Whizzy Wheel in action that shows how easy it is to remove car stickers.



Chief “Decal Removal” Officer

P.S – let us know did we answer the common question: how do you remove car stickers?