Remove Decals / Stickers: Ways to Beat the Bumper Blogger!

Do you need to remove Decals from your vehicle?
We see more and more vehicles on the road covered with decals/ stickers, some more eccentric than others.
There are several reasons why people love putting decals and stickers on their vehicles. Some do it to personalize their car while some use their vehicle as a traveling mode […]

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Civic with Red Decals and Stickers needing removal

Extract from Monthly email

It’s Wednesday morning here and feeling pumped as received a great email last week from a chap in Illinios Chicago.

Doug was looking at purchasing a car for his eldest daughter, a white Honda civic as a surprise for her birthday . What a surprise birthday present!

The only problem was the Civic had […]

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Where can Decal and Sticker removal tool be bought?

When the USA moves towards the warmer months and enters spring, emails start coming in regarding questions on how to remove Decals and Stickers.

The most common question is how to remove a sticker from a glass window, car or recently motorhome’s (RV’s)

There is a blog post about removing decals from motorhomes, though today’s purpose is […]

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Remove Decals from glass windows in hot desert environments

Need to remove decals from Glass Windows? If you live in a state that has a sunny, hot, dry and desert climate like Arizona or Las Vegas or similar and you have a vehicle that has vinyl decals or stickers on it and they have been there for a few years it is quite usual […]

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How To Remove Decals from Glass Windows

What’s the best way to remove decals from glass?
So, your kids put cute Santa decals on your glass windows last Christmas; or a previous tenant left a huge sticker of their football team on the glass, and now you want to just remove decals from the glass window .

Taking off large decals that have been […]

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Removing Decals Or Dealership Stickers Is Easier Than You Think!

So, you drive home a brand new car and you love everything about it, except one. The shining and gorgeous car exterior has dealership stickers on it, and that really puts you off. Well, relax! Almost every dealership does that today. They put a sticker on the body of the car, especially at a place […]

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Remove Decals and Stickers on Motor cycle gas tanks – Royal Enfield

From the time motorcycles could be purchased over 100 years ago the maker has always been keen to put his name on the vehicle, this tradition carries on today after all it is a very successful way of marketing and advertising.

Let us face it, wouldn’t it be boring if cars , pickups, in fact any […]

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Fastest Way To Remove Decals and Stickers From Cars

Tried of looking for ways to remove decals from your car? No amount of scratching helps! It can be downright irritating if it takes just too long to get those decals and stickers removed.

You will find a variety of chemical products in the market that claim to remove decals but not all are reliable because […]

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A horrific and expensive tale about removing decals/stickers from a vehicle to be sold

This is a true story that came to us from the motor vehicle detailer in this story.

A small corporation had a number of vehicles, amongst them was a  bright red pickup that had been used for deliveries and general running around and had a beautiful job of decals/stickers on it in bright vinyl colours advertising […]

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Time to clean up your campervan / RV / Motorhome and remove those decals… spring is on the way

It must be the season changing as it appears a lot of people are taking out the RV, getting it ready for summer holidays

This week I’ve had a couple enquiries from men who have been told from their wives that they need to clean up the motorhome before they take it touring for the summer.

And […]

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