Remove Decals / Stickers: Ways to Beat the Bumper Blogger!

June 5th 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Do you need to remove Decals from your vehicle?

We see more and more vehicles on the road covered with decals/ stickers, some more eccentric than others.

There are several reasons why people love putting decals and stickers on their vehicles. Some do it to personalize their car while some use their vehicle as a traveling mode of advertisement.

While we may like the cute family decals pasted the back of the car, there are some ridiculous ones that seem really stupid.

No one likes a vehicle which looks like a moving magazine. Sometimes you just want to remove decals/ stickers that you wish you hadn’t put in the first place.

Many times you get a great deal on a car which has been labeled with stickers and decals of all sizes. In most cases, the person who puts up a lot of decals on their vehicle is not the one who takes good care of it. Many times we get emails from people having high end vehicles looking for ways to remove decals for various reasons.

Your reason to remove Decals

Whatever your reason to remove decals from your car, in this post I’ll tell you ways through which you can beat the bumper blogger.

Whether you are trying to get the decals off the glasses or the vehicle body, removing the stickers/ decals that have been there for a long time is not easy.

If you are trying the traditional methods such as using a heat gun, hair dryer or Goo Gone then this would require a lot of time and patience. Even then, many times it is difficult to remove the stickers without damaging the paint or scratching the body of the vehicle.

The best way to remove decals is to use a Wonder Wheel or the Wonder Blade. These are the two wonder products that not only help you remove decals / stickers easily, but also in considerably less time as compared to the traditional methods.

The Wonder Wheel is made of soft rubber and this makes the tool safe to use on almost any type of surface.

The new tool to remove decals

The revolutionary spinning motion of the wheel enables you to remove decals (big and small) using the Wonder Wheel. Check this YouTube Video to remove decals to see how this tool is used to take off a large decal within 10 minutes, without any adhesive residue left on the surface of the vehicle.

The Whizzy Wheel is one of the easiest and fastest ways to remove decals and vinyl signs within minutes. It doesn’t contain any chemicals hence you don’t have to worry about getting skin irritations.

Furthermore this is an environmentally friendly approach to remove stickers.

The Wonder Wheel is used for the heavy duty jobs, whereas the Wonder Blade can be used for the more delicate surfaces where you have to be extra careful.

With the Wonder products in your tool box, removing decals and stickers become a breeze. These tools can be used to comfortably take off small to large vinyl signs and stickers on cars, jeeps, trucks, buses or boats.

Remove Decals

Car Decals

Civic with Red Decals and Stickers needing removal

May 2nd 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Extract from Monthly email

It’s Wednesday morning here and feeling pumped as received a great email last week from a chap in Illinios Chicago.

Doug was looking at purchasing a car for his eldest daughter, a white Honda civic as a surprise for her birthday . What a surprise birthday present!

The only problem was the Civic had a big red decal on the side door – it covered the side door, but not across the windows

Doug didn’t want to get the car with Decal (sticker) on the side as it would make the car quite “uncool” with the big red stripes down the side!

I thought the gesture of your Dad giving you a car for your birthday, was like having all your Christmas come at once. Who cares if there are red stickers down the side – it even gives it a bit of a racing feel.

Before Doug used his Wonder Wheel to remove the Decal, he sent me an email, asking how well it would work as his local car cleaning said it would cost $135 to remove the stripes.

I tried to re-assure him the Wheel works very well and costing $35, was a lot cheaper.

So the outcome was he removed the red strip decals and going to give his daughter the car this weekend.

If you need to remove a car decal or sticker, then you can order a Wonder Wheel from and we include a FREE $20 Wonder Blade as a thank you.

Just order a Wonder Wheel, then email with FREE blade in the subject line.

Look forward to hearing from you



Peter Nobbs

Chief “Decal Remover” Officer


Civic Decals and Stickers needing removal

Civic Decals and Stickers needing removal

Where can Decal and Sticker removal tool be bought?

May 2nd 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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When the USA moves towards the warmer months and enters spring, emails start coming in regarding questions on how to remove Decals and Stickers.

The most common question is how to remove a sticker from a glass window, car or recently motorhome’s (RV’s)

There is a blog post about removing decals from motorhomes, though today’s purpose is to let visitors know where they can buy a Wonder Wheel, the tool specifically designed to remove stickers and decals from cars, windows and glass.

If you are in any of the below USA states or cities, then you can order online. Delivery is usually 8 – 10 working days.

 State Biggest City
 Alabama Birmingham
 Alaska Anchorage
 Arizona Phoenix
 Arkansas Little Rock
 California Los Angeles
 Colorado Denver
 Connecticut Bridgeport
 Delaware Wilmington
 Florida Jacksonville
 Georgia Atlanta
 Hawaii Honolulu
 Idaho Boise
 Illinois Chicago
 Indiana Indianapolis
 Iowa Des Moines
 Kansas Wichita
 Kentucky Louisville
 Louisiana New Orleans
 Maine Portland
 Maryland Baltimore
 Massachusetts Boston
 Michigan Detroit
 Minnesota Minneapolis
 Mississippi Jackson
 Missouri Kansas City
 Montana Billings
 Nebraska Omaha
 Nevada Las Vegas
 New Hampshire Manchester
 New Jersey Newark
 New Mexico Albuquerque
 New York New York
 North Carolina Charlotte
 North Dakota Fargo
 Ohio Columbus
 Oklahoma Oklahoma City
 Oregon Portland
 Pennsylvania Philadelphia
 Rhode Island Providence
 South Carolina Columbia
 South Dakota Sioux Falls
 Tennessee Memphis
 Texas Houston
 Utah Salt Lake City
 Vermont Burlington
 Virginia Virginia Beach
 Washington Seattle
 West Virginia Charleston
 Wisconsin Milwaukee
 Wyoming Cheyenne


For Australian customers who are in any one the below cities or states, delivery is 2 – 4 working days

NSW – Sydney

Queensland – Brisbane

Victoria – Melbourne

South Australia – Adelaide

Western Australia – Perth

Tasmania – Hobart

ACT – Canberra

Northern Territory – Darwin

P.S – the country sizes of the USA and Australia are similar in land mass, though the USA has about 30 times more people (300 million compared with 20 million)













Map Australia

Map Australia

Remove Decals from glass windows in hot desert environments

May 2nd 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Need to remove decals from Glass Windows? If you live in a state that has a sunny, hot, dry and desert climate like Arizona or Las Vegas or similar and you have a vehicle that has vinyl decals or stickers on it and they have been there for a few years it is quite usual that they have dried out, cracked and withered under those tough conditions.

The hardest car decals to remove are the ones where the car has been sitting out in the sun on 100+ Fahrenheit temperature days for years on end. We find after about 5+ years, most decals start to age. You can tell this by the cracks that appear around the sides of the sticker.

Wow I have seen some beauties in my time. Most often a hot air gun on them just does not work on very old stickers. Due to the age and the heat of the sun, the compounds within the adhesive change. If you are trying to remove Decals from glass windows you are likely to have no better than if the decals are on the bonnent or side of the vehicle.

The adhesive seems to fuse to the painted surface. Hence the heat gun does work as the decal has fuse and hence won’t melt. (FYI – for newer decals, that are less that 12 months old and not been out in the sun, a Heat gun can work)

This is what you call a problem when it comes time to remove them.

Best Tools to Remove Decals from Glass Windows

The best success to removing very hard to remove decals and stickers is with the Wonder Wheel.

It is an amazing product. Even our testimonials back these up (and yes it’s a shameless plug, though we are really proud of our product)

“Hi Peter
I just received your product, Wonder Blade, and I want to say THANK YOU ! I had asked so many people how to remove it and they all came down with one solution, hair dryer which will damage the car paint. But your products only take a few minutes! Now I can change decals any time and any style I want. Good luck at the business. I will definitely introduce your products around.”

The sticker removal tool (wonder wheel) It is made from a special silicon rubber, is circular in shape , an arbour that is attached to it and fits into an ordinary home electric drill.

Using a little pressure, depending on how stubborn and old the decals are and moving it up and down over the decal it is amazing how quickly it will disappear.

It also takes most of the adhesive off and if used as described will not harm the paintwork if original factory finish.

The trick with very old decals is they leave adhesive on the surface. This is the gooy glue that can be left over.

For newer decals, the wheel takes off the majority of the adhesive. However, for really old decals, you need a separate application to get rid of this stuff

Remove Decals from Glass Windows – The secret to remove the residue left on the surface

We recommend a citrus based cleaner / degreaser as works very well. This is usually available from most home depot’s and costs around five bucks. A few sprays, wipe with a dry cloth and most of the decal or sticker residue will be gone.

If you can’t be bothered going to the home depot, you can try WD40 if you have it in your garage. I personally don’t use it as prefer the citrus smell. I found a youtube video of a guy using WD40 in wiping away residue left over from some stickers. This will also work to remove residue if you need to remove decals from glass windows

P.S – you can see why from the below picture why a heat gun won’t remove this old cracked sticker from the car bonnet. As the decal is so old, a heat gun, would only lift a tiny pieces of the sticker, before it flaked off. The wheel will strip away the Decal and work much faster

remove decals from glass windows

Cracked old decal sticker


How To Remove Decals from Glass Windows

April 22nd 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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What’s the best way to remove decals from glass?

So, your kids put cute Santa decals on your glass windows last Christmas; or a previous tenant left a huge sticker of their football team on the glass, and now you want to just remove decals from the glass window .

Taking off large decals that have been baked in the sun can be a very daunting task. Pulling it off is not going to work because underneath the decals there’s a muddle of adhesive residue that cannot be removed with regular washing.

You may use chemicals to remove the glue or try peeling it off with your finger nails, but this will only stain the glass and make it look unsightly. The chemicals might also cause skin reactions and is thus not safe for use.

Traditional ways to remove decals from Glass windows

Other traditional methods to remove decals from glass include using heat gun, metal blades, hair dryer, and other home-based tools but this may also badly damage the glass surface.

Don’t panic! You will be surprised to know that it’s actually very easy to remove decals from glass windows and it can be done within minutes. All you need is a little ‘Wonder’!

The Wonder Wheel and Wonder Blade are incredibly effective products used for removing large decals, vinyl sign, and stickers within minutes.

No mess, no scratching or waiting for days for the glue to come off. To remove decals from delicate glass windows, consider using Wonder blade which is made of plastic and is safe on all surfaces.

The other option to remove decals from Glass windows – the Wonder Blade

The wonder blade is also free of chemicals, which mean that using it will not cause any skin irritations.

Besides removing decals and stickers, you may also use the Wonder blade to remove dried gums, goo, bird, insects and bugs poo on the glass windows.

You can allow your kids to put up snowflakes or Santa decals on windows again this year and enjoy Christmas with full glory. You can leave the cleaning to Wonder Blade!

The below video shows how the Wonder Wheel will remove decals from glass windows removing a sticker from a sign which would work very similarly on removing a decal or sticker from a glass window

Remove decals from glass window

Remove decal or vinyl from glass window



Removing Decals Or Dealership Stickers Is Easier Than You Think!

April 18th 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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So, you drive home a brand new car and you love everything about it, except one. The shining and gorgeous car exterior has dealership stickers on it, and that really puts you off. Well, relax! Almost every dealership does that today. They put a sticker on the body of the car, especially at a place that people can easily notice.

And, the reason is obvious. The stickers are a way of free promotion and advertisement. You will be driving around the city and outside with the dealership sticker on and that means real good promotion for the company.

While the decals and stickers might be a great way for the dealers to gain visibility, it is a nuisance for you and several other car buyers like you who just don’t want a stupid sticker spoiling the beauty of the car.

The question is – how can you remove the dealership sticker from your car without damaging the paint or scratching the body of the car in any way?  If you thought peeling the sticker with your fingernail would help then let me tell you that this can aggravate the sticker and make it look ugly.

Even if you are successful in peeling of the sticker, these industrial stickers have adamant glue that sticks to the surface and you would need to use a chemical to remove it. Using chemicals on a new car is not recommended as this may fade the color of the paint in that area.

You should also not use a metal spatula as this would create scratches on the body of your new car and that is definitely the last thing you want to happen to your investment. The easiest and the most intelligent way to remove decals and stickers from your car is to use the Wonder Wheel.

No chemicals, no rubbing, no peeling or washing…in just ten minutes the Wonder Wheel will remove the dealership sticker from your car and solve your problem.

No, the wonder wheel is not a magic potion, it’s the name of a specifically design tool that helps you effectively and quickly get rid of vinyls, decals and stickers from cars, trucks, buses, and boats.

So, what’s the wonder wheel all about? This tool is made of soft rubber, and this makes it easy and safe to use on all kinds of surface. The soft rubber ensures that your car doesn’t get a single scratch while using it to remove the dealership stickers. What’s more? It takes less than 10 minutes to remove the stickers and decals.

Wonder wheel is a chemical-free decal sticker remover, so there’s no fear of skin irritations or the car paint getting faded. The product is also very useful for removing old stickers that have been baked in the sun for years together.

If you have kids at home then dealerships sticker is just the beginning, you will have to deal with many more cartoon and my family stickers making their way on to your car windows, so be prepared to handle that all with the Wonder Wheel!

The below video is the Wonder Wheel removing a Car decal or sticker from the side of a truck. It would work just aswell on a car window or shop glass window.

Removing Decals Or Dealership Stickers

Removing Decals Or Dealership Stickers

Remove Decals and Stickers on Motor cycle gas tanks – Royal Enfield

April 17th 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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From the time motorcycles could be purchased over 100 years ago the maker has always been keen to put his name on the vehicle, this tradition carries on today after all it is a very successful way of marketing and advertising.

Let us face it, wouldn’t it be boring if cars , pickups, in fact any sort of motor vehicle did not have its name on the front, rear and in some cases on the sides of their products, We would be forever wondering  who the manufacturer was.

In the case of motorcycles up to even the 1950’s the brand of the vehicle was generally painted onto the gas tanks and on cheaper brands transfers were used. With the coming of the Japanese entering the motorcycle world painted manufacturers names changed to plastic and metal.

Soon vinyl decals were used but the problem was that if not protected they would soon wear off or be damaged.

Today when you look at many motorcycle brands on gas tanks they are indeed a work of art, rich lusterous colors with the name  that seem to be held in a third dimension caused because a thick coating  of clear lacquer that encapsulates this.

Royal Enfield Motorcycles manufacture in India still to this day have their tanks pin striped by hand with truly beautiful effect.

Should you ever have to repair an accident damaged modern motorcycle gas tank you will have to take it to a specialist to repaint it.

Don’t be disappointed as there are many motorcycles with advertising decals and stickers on them and it is quicker, cheaper and much easier to remove them with the “Wonder blade”.

The blade is made from plastic so won’t scratch the surface.We recommend it to people who have not removed decals before from motorcycles. However, if your motor cycle gas tank has lacquer film, then there is no way to remove the decal without damaging the paint

If you are very confident in removing the sticker or decal from the gas tank, then a metal blade is okay. To see if you are competent or confident removing the gas tank sticker, watch the below video

Royal Enfield decal removal motor cycle

Royal Enfield decal removal motor cycle

Fastest Way To Remove Decals and Stickers From Cars

April 14th 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Tried of looking for ways to remove decals from your car? No amount of scratching helps! It can be downright irritating if it takes just too long to get those decals and stickers removed.

You will find a variety of chemical products in the market that claim to remove decals but not all are reliable because some of them will not only remove the decals but also damage the paint of your car, and you will have to get it repainted.

Applying heat is a good way to remove decals; however this method doesn’t work on all types of decals or stickers. Furthermore, this method doesn’t remove all of it.

You may use a heat gun to apply heat on the area, and if you don’t have one you may use a hair dryer on high setting. But, this will leave residue on the car surface, and you would need a chemical to get rid of that.

Spare yourself the trouble, and choose the fastest way to remove decals from cars, without damaging the surface or car paint in any way. Try the Wonder Wheel! This incredible chemical-free formula works gently on the surface of your car and removes decals in just 15 minutes.

Do you find it difficult to believe? Well, most of the satisfied customers of the Wonder products react the same way until they see the results in front of them.

The Wonder Wheel is undoubtedly the fastest way to get rid of large decals or vinyl signs. For the heavy duty jobs where the traditional methods don’t work, you may use the Wonder Blade to remove decals, stickers, and vinyl signs.

As the Wonder Wheel is made of rubber and the Wonder Blade from plastic, these products are safe to use on all types of surfaces.

With the Wonder products, you can remove large decals, stickers and vinyl signs from cars within minutes, without damaging the paint!

P.S – I checked out what wikipedia had to say about decal removal, though the site was not any help

Decal car remove

Car with alot of Decals to remove

A horrific and expensive tale about removing decals/stickers from a vehicle to be sold

April 11th 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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This is a true story that came to us from the motor vehicle detailer in this story.

A small corporation had a number of vehicles, amongst them was a  bright red pickup that had been used for deliveries and general running around and had a beautiful job of decals/stickers on it in bright vinyl colours advertising the company and their products. It was truly a credit to the sign company that had originally decorated it four years previously. Although it had been carefully maintained and serviced it was really putting on the miles so the company decided it was time to replace it.

It was given to a company of detailers who prepared cars for resale who really knew how to make it like new again by pressure hosing the engine to remove all grease and oil stains, spruce up the interior upholstery and trim, make the tyres and wheels like new and make the whole car spotless and extremely presentable. This also include  removing all decals and stickers and any adhesive remaining and then polishing the paint work till you could almost see your face in it. I am always truly amazed with what detailers can do to a vehicle as it really increases the resale value.

The first job was to remove the decals and stickers and this was given to a brand new employee who it appears he wasn’t to bright, I suppose another way of saying it was that he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the tool box. He was shown the usual very slow process of a hot air gun. It seemed this was too slow for him so he thought a razor blade would speed the process up, well it did but it also cut through the paint creating an unbelievable amount of damage by exposing small patches of the undercoat and in some areas through to the metal.

The end result was the vehicle had to rubbed back, undercoated and completely resprayed again costing the detailers one hell of a lot of money and the new employee was forced to find a new career path.

As the saying goes, “Once bitten, twice shy”, the detailer is now using Wonder Wheels to remove any decals and stickers, as he said to us, “Much safer, much better, much quicker”.

Decal scratched car

Example of what can happen - Scratched car



Time to clean up your campervan / RV / Motorhome and remove those decals… spring is on the way

April 1st 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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It must be the season changing as it appears a lot of people are taking out the RV, getting it ready for summer holidays

This week I’ve had a couple enquiries from men who have been told from their wives that they need to clean up the motorhome before they take it touring for the summer.

And you know what “cleaning” the RV means? Removing those old decals that have been stuck on for years.

The biggest surprise for me, is not that so many wives are asking their husbands to take of these decals, rather the size of the motorhomes…. Some of them are massive

Taking decals off a 30 foot RV is not a quick job. That’s why you want the fastest and easiest way to take those decals off. Otherwise a 4 hour job could turn in a few weekends worth of work.

What we suggest for the really big RV’s is the wonder wheel. It works by stripping away the decal and is the fastest way we have found to remove those big decals from RV’s.

For any adhesive or glue left over, you can try some citrus degreaser that works great as a general cleaning agent and removing any left over glue

So for this summer, hopefully you can take out the RV Campervan and get to see some of the magnificent sites in the USA.



P.S – and if you use the Wonder Wheel, you will save yourself a lot of time and keep the Mrs happy by having a clean motor home that is decal free

RV Campervan Remove Decal

RV Campervan Remove Decal


RV Campervan New Decals that don't need removing

RV Campervan New Decals that don't need removing

“I’ve found that nothing removes old stickers from your car windows like the Wonder Wheel.

Philip Clark

The result, two tools specifically designed to remove Decals and Vinyl Stickers, .

Whizzy Wheel: made of soft rubber and perfect for large areas

Wonder Blade: made of plastic and designed for small, more detailed areas
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